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Woody Allen

Gets Phone-y

When Asked About Molestation Claim

2/2/2014 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Allen fumbled with his phone on his way out of a Knicks game Saturday night ... pretending a photog was not asking him about his adopted daughter's claims he molested her when she was a little girl.

Woody was leaving Madison Square Garden with his daughter Manzie Tio ... just hours after Dylan Farrow unloaded on him by saying he took her to their attic and violated her when she was 7.

Woody mutters something to his family as the photog persists, but never acknowledges him. 

So far, none of Woody's co-stars have reacted to Dylan's latest, detailed accusations.


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Zach Swan    

I wouldn't be so quick to believe that the allegations made against Woody Allen are true:

226 days ago


Let's take Mia out of the equation.. The FACTS: He had sex and married his OWN step-daughter!!! The actors/actresses that are in his movies make me sick.. Such a bunch of hypocrites!!! Does anybody in Hollywood have character???

226 days ago

Lisa G    

I have no love for Woody Allen or any molester but asking those questions in front of his daughter and then posting it all over the internet is not cool.

I am only thinking of his daughter in this instance. When he's alone or with his wife, he's fair game. When his daughter is present, back off. She doesn't deserve to be put through that, under any cir***stance.

226 days ago


Hes just so pathetic. Id still bitch slap him in public tho

226 days ago


He did not do it to his present adopdted daughters...he would not taks that chance....probably sucked their vaginas when they were babies...when they were much too young to remember

226 days ago


I absolutely believe Dylan. That perv should've been arrested a long time ago

226 days ago

Hard as a Woody    

I bet he adopted those girls to molest them and the girls aren't coming forward because they like his money. The truth will come out when he dies, one of them will write a tell all book. Some nights he wants Asian and other nights we wants Southern.

226 days ago


TMZ and others have made the assumption that she is telling the truth. I believe she is seeking attention and to punish Allen for marrying the other adopted daughter. Allen took a lie detector test and passed. Small detail you left out.

226 days ago

Hard as a Woody    

Notice how much the adopted daughter looks just like Soon Yi and she's of ripe age for Woody

226 days ago


Good on the photog . I don't get these people kissing his ass. He married his freaking adopted daughter for gods sake ! What more proof do u need?

226 days ago


I have never thought this guys movies were funny and I do not think he is funny, what people see in this guy is beyond me. I think he is a pervert child molester left wing nut job, who profits by acting like the confusedJewish person, he shames the Jews with his so called worn out comedy acts and movies.

226 days ago


That whole family are a bunch of freaks. Mia's not stable, her kids are clearly ... a mess, and Woody's character said it all the day he started diddling his step kid. Frikken freaks. Off with their heads.

226 days ago


Notice that the defenders all post the same article? Dylan did not initiate the story coming out. Her brother did. She made the choice to address it after it came out (again).

Also lie detectors are not infallible. That is not proof that he is innocent.

Why is it wrong to ask this in front of his daughter? If he has also molested her, this may be the exact thing she needs to be able to come forward, or to get help that she needs to heal.

226 days ago


If he do that why he's no in jail pervert.

226 days ago

Erik b    

He did it

226 days ago
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