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Possible Instagram Proposal

to Longtime GF

2/3/2014 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

File this under cheapest proposal ever -- Diddy (who's worth a reported $580 million) may have popped the question to his longtime GF Cassie ... on Instagram.

Granted, the rock is roughly the size of Pluto ... but rather than renting out a baseball stadium and proposing in front of an orchestra, Diddy posted a photo of the ring on Instagram for his 3.2 million followers.

Along with the photo, he wrote the caption: "Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like! I just wanna Mk you smile :)" Cassie (who's been dating Diddy since 2007) responded, "It's perfect!"

Hours later, Keyshia Cole posted a photo of Cassie showing off the rock ... it's enormous ... but we still gotta ask ...



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Not a fan but really ppl    

Not a fan of the way he proposed . It's just way too inpersonal. But really people?? One of you calling him a *** (this person has really horrible typing skills and has never heard of spell check) - maybe he is always around guys because he is in a committed relationship and doesn't need to be surrounded but half naked women to boast his ego.

And for the person who comment "that is ghetto trash for you"- yep ghetto trash because what you make in salary a year he makes triple that in a day easily. Is he ghetto trash because he is black? Because he makes rap music? Or because he is probably more intelegent and has more self worth than you ever will. Okay I am now done with my rant. Sorry but just because he is a celebrity doesn't mean anyone deserves to be torn apart especially by someone who probably hates themselves so much they have to rag on people who actually value the person they are and have become.

265 days ago


He asked if she liked it, not if she would marry him... Big difference.

265 days ago


Since she already has the ring on maybe just maybe he proposed to her in private in a romantic way and then to make the announcement publicly he decided this cheesy picture would do

265 days ago

Truth is    

P. pissy proposing when he is accused of molesting little boys?!? Cassie's a paid beard

265 days ago


It's a beautiful ring and I hope that they will be very happy. Also it's between the two of them concerning the instagram. If they can live with it so can I.

265 days ago


Good. She can use the picture to paste over her headboard along with his asset statement when she has to lay with that egotistical creature.

265 days ago


That's about as unromantic as it gets. He couldn't even get on one knee and ask her face to face?! I wish she had said no!

265 days ago


I'll bet his DL BF had a fit!

265 days ago


Money can't buy class...
Posting a picture of an engagement ring.
(I'm speechless)

265 days ago


I didn't know they were dating. Isn't he old enough to be her dad?

265 days ago


Why do people use social media as if it is a stage to perform on and act in front of an audience of strangers?

Are people THAT desperate for validation and attention they need to perform and do such self promoting nonsense.

Take your private moments and keep them private so they have meaning otherwise it just screams how you do it for the attention.

Have some humility.

The performing on social media, the bragging, the showing off, the nonsense, just shows the character of the person so needy for attention.

Get over yourselves, the internet is not a stage to perform on and show off on.

Keep private moments between two people what they are suppose to be, private so they have meaning. Proposing for show?

Is for yourself, not the one you are proposing to.

265 days ago


Diddy's gay, it's known industry wide.

265 days ago


"Do you like, just want to make you smile" Where's the proposal? Looks like he just gave her a ring.

265 days ago


Cassie likes sausage.

265 days ago


Just stay married for ten years and then buy her a ring as an accomplished milestone. Other than that Diddy, you are pretty much buying your soon to be ex just another ring.

265 days ago
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