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Lil Wayne

The Only Lien I Care About

Is In a Double Cup

3/3/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne
has not only stomped on the American flag, he's now said F you to Uncle Sam, because we've learned he hasn't paid his taxes -- TO THE TUNE OF MORE THAN 12 MILLION BUCKS!

According to a tax lien -- obtained by TMZ -- Weezy failed to pay taxes for 2011 and 2012.  For 2011 he owes a staggering $5,843,952.  And for the following year, even worse -- $6,311,132.

Wayne has had his financial issues.   He owed $7 mil for back taxes in 2008 - 9, but he cleared the debt in 2012.

He's also had legal issues.  In 2012 ... Wayne famously lost a case against Quincy Jones' son after thumbing his nose at the court.  A jury socked Wayne for $2.2 mil.

Wayne is reportedly worth $135 MILLION.

As Weezy says, "You got money and you know it.  Take it out your pocket and show it and throw it."


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How is it thet this guy hasn't been jailed yet.

No wonder the USA is trillions in debt. They are run by incompetent bureaucrats who haven't got a clue.

171 days ago


TmZ staff really is Racist! When white trash types ****** they let it stay up but when a real ***** Responds To white trash they take it down! Wonder Y?

171 days ago


Hes worth that much? Obviously money can't buy class.

171 days ago


Uffffffff do something you are horrible

171 days ago

Stella Mark    

It is soo gangsta to pay your taxes..

171 days ago


I'm surprised he hasn't been shot or died from an OD. He's on another level of arrogance. A while back I was watching interviews of him to see why he is so popular...I came to find he's a disrespectful arrogant guy. He's not a gangster lol look him he's short 5'6" Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber are taller (no hate to them) xD just saying.

171 days ago


Who cares about these *****s owing money

171 days ago


This is what PISSES me off! WHY doesn't the IRS just go in and seize his accounts and collect their money? If that was you or me, we'd probably be locked up! These thugs get away with murder! I don't understand HOW they go for so long without paying taxes!

Is there an accountant out there who can explain this to me? It's the same here in CT! The tax department lists the top 50 tax delinquents both businesses and individuals- it used to be the top 100, but there must be some "connected" people from 51-100 that they don't want to show us. Anyway, they will NOT answer me HOW people go so long without paying and NOTHING happens whether it's a business or an individual! Our new mayor's son owed the state $1.2 MILLION in back taxes going back to 1998! Actually, it was the mayor's deceased husband who ran up the bill, but when he died, the son inherited his section 8/slum housing units, but the mayor claims she knew nothing about it because they filed separate income taxes! Please! Now the son is OFF the list, but we have NO clue if he paid the whole thing, if he took advantage of the interest break the state offered or whatever. We have NO WAY of finding out because the state says they are not obligated to tells us what the status is!

I did ask them in two emails how people/businesses are allowed to run up bills like that, but they never answered my emails! I'm guessing I hit a nerve!

171 days ago

Nobody Special    

The Intrust and Penalties are like 25% at least, It's costing him a new Car each day he don'[t pay this much money off.

I had a feeling many of these guys don't pay their taxes on time, or "Their FAIR SHARE" as the Kenyan says.

171 days ago


Is he pulling a pubic hair out of his mouth?

171 days ago

bs corrector    

Im suppose to love amerikka but amerikka dont dont love me..a slave from the father of this country..freedom wasnt meant to be a luxury for you & i freedom came after many influential people...and i see aint a whole lot changed ..they're still cracking whips shackling up ********* z mane..the projects aint nothing but modern day plantations and the masters reside at the police station..replacing whips with barettas and clips on they hips quick to gang up on young brothers who make that grip..fukk the IRS...they need to pay us some of our ancesters back pay for 300 yrs of free labor...& fukk u miserable azz white people of here thats mad because we found a legal hustle that u cant get your greedy smelly little hands on....yall better catch *****z done left the starting gate bytches...lmao!@!!!

171 days ago

Grand master B    

Lil Wayne raps as good as he plays guitar.....wahahahaha!
Oh let's not forget his skateboarding skill's........ Wahahahaha! Can you say poser?? Sure you can.......TMZ!

120 days ago


paying taxes??? Father God didnt tell me I had to pay taxes when I got here... is taxes in the constitution??? been lookin for a while. last I checked the founding fathers were running from taxation themselves... did they really win the war??? whats goin on???

15 days ago
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