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Michael Lohan to Dina

Write Your Damn Book

But I'm Getting a Deal Too

2/3/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Looks like the Lohan clan is headed for an all out book-off ... 'cause TMZ has learned, Michael Lohan is now considering giving Dina Lohan the green light for her tell-all ... with one big fat string attached -- he gets his own book deal.

As we first reported ... Michael put the legal kibosh on Dina's book by reminding her there's a gag order from their divorce ... so she'd have to leave out plenty of the juicy details.

But now we're told Michael struck a deal with Dina's publishers at Birdstreet Books -- he'll sign a legal doc releasing Dina from the gag order ... if the company gives him his own book deal. 

We're told Birdstreet already has what they believe is a lucrative contract for Michael to sign -- but it's not lucrative enough... so he's holding out.

The only real loser in this deal ... Lindsay -- of course.


No Avatar


Why not CLAIM part of your fur coat was stolen?

231 days ago


I would never waste my money on either of their books. The publisher needs to re-evaluate the financial loss they will entail prior to releasing because the public has heard the trash from both parents for years. Why pay to read it in a book?

231 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I mourn for the tees who have fallen and sacrificed their lives for this sort of drek.

231 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Haha ^ yes I mourn the tees, and also the trees....

231 days ago

Chief Gall    

quick annoy in........
Great game last night. Seattle won because of Lindsay's Magic Touch. Go Lindsay, Go!!!!!!!!!
MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
quick annoy out...................

231 days ago


these two haven't killed each other yet? Too bad. Take Jon and Kate with you and make it a quad-off.

231 days ago


These two nimrods are as dumb as Lindsay to think anybody is going to be the least bit interested in spending a hard earned dollar. I could be stuck in the middle of the forest, need to take a Lohan, and you couldn't pay me to use the pages from either of these books to wipe my Lindsay with it.

Very sad to hear of the loss of PSH. Great talented actor, who battled addiction for many years privately, never denying his past. After hearing the great sadness from Hollywood, and the outpouring condolences, it made me wonder if/when Lindsay dies what will be said?!?!?

Former child star, former star of Mean Girls, lost soul, biggest pain in the rear in Hollywood dies? The movie credits/clips that they would show would be laughable. No big named stars would say anything about a great talent, just simple now she can rest in peace comments. The only A-listers that will comment will be class acts that were in movies she was, and they will be very short "my prayers are with the family" comments. Nobody will be suprised, and there will not be gushing reviews and comments about how Hollywood lost a great talent. Just a basic whatever, nobody has cared for 10 years, nobody has wanted their name associated with her in years. Good riddance.

231 days ago


Lindsay has made plenty of her own misery - but I do feel sorry for her that she has possibly the worst parents in the business. There are plenty of greedy parents who leech off their kids, but add addiction to the mix and it's off-the-charts toxic.

231 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"Gag order", eh?

Is that an order usually given to Linds from her Al-Qaeda customers, or the effect Linds has on everyone else?

231 days ago


What could either of them write a book about when we already know everything from their stories to the tabloids?

231 days ago


This NITWIT isn't writing a 'book', he's merely looking for a PAYOUT !!

231 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

What a sad, deserted place this site has become. Way to go, TMZ... you've managed to chase away most of your regular message board users with your juvenile, arbitrary deletions of perfectly good messages.

What an incredibly wise business move that was! Don't even say that we didn't warn you. Hope you're happy!

231 days ago

Need I say more?

231 days ago


These two are nasty, disgusting pigs. No wonder their kid is so effed up- look at her role models. You two train wrecks need to focus on parenting classes- not book deals. It's gross what they'll do for a buck and some publicity. Just gross.

231 days ago


These are just a couple of nasty, lowlife pigs who have no business being parents. Their kid is an absolute train wreck ( just like her dirtbag parents) and they're worried about writing books? WTF???? Get a clue. Go get some parenting classes you low lives. So gross.

231 days ago
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