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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Nods Off On Plane After Drinking Binge

2/3/2014 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman was out like a light minutes after boarding a plane in Georgia last week ... after he was seen hitting the bottle at an Atlanta bar ... TMZ has learned.

According to a passenger ... Hoffman was out almost as quickly as he took his seat for the NY-bound jet Thursday ... his head falling forward into his chest.

We're told sometime after the plane took off ... PSH came to ... groggy and disheveled.  After the flight touched down, we're told he was quickly put on a waiting airport cart and whisked away.

As we first reported ... Hoffman had been drinking in a downtown Atlanta bar earlier that day -- just 3 days before his death --  witnesses said he appeared drunk and made repeated trips to the bathroom.



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harvey didn't put the needle in his arm...its sad but america needs to see what this ugly drug does to people and their loved ones instead of hiding it just because they are celebrities or rich! may God have mercy on his soul and may he rest in peace! say no to drugs people!

231 days ago


TMZ shame on YOU for this story, this is a man who leaves behind three children have some respect.

231 days ago


His next role will be Weekend At Bernies 3

231 days ago


WOW! I can't believe you published this photo. Let the man RIP.

231 days ago


If you want to read cute, dignified news or uplifting photos of folks, try PBS? This is TMZ. Nothing but disgusting, awesome, dirty gossip. You all know that. This aint your churche's website, so if you don't like it, don't come looking around here-

231 days ago


Can you let the man die with some modi*** of dignity? I mean, he was already found w/a needle in his arm. I think we get the idea. Jesus Christ shalom

231 days ago


Also...PSH.... You were the best fuking actor EVER- ****ing amazing. I am happy you are no longer suffering in this fuked up world which clearly was too much for you to handle and I myself will go on a binge of my own...PSH movie binge. You are immortalized by the screen, but I still feel bad for your family members that will miss their family member and not just the actor. Peace-

231 days ago

Deer diary    

Many years ago I use to sleep with men on craigslist for money. One time, I showed up to an old house south of Olympic in Los Angeles where all those big, old houses are between western and Arlington....and it was P.S. Hoffman. I knew I recognized him but was able to see his mail on the kitchen island to verify his name. We went upstairs and he was very polite. We spoke casually about the chores he was going to finish after I left, like mowing the lawn. We kissed a lot and he refused to let me touch his you know what. When I asked why...he said that he was a premature ejaculator and that although he wasn't "a shy person", he gets "very nervous in situations like this". Me having the undesirable job that I had, I went straight for his you know what ASAP because, well, I wanted to get my $150 and get outta there...even if it was a movie star. As soon as I touched it, he finished. My main memory is he was extremely sweaty and therefor a little gross. I've never told anyone other than a few gfs about this encounter. He seemed sober at the time and everybody knows opiates increase your ability to not ejaculate so not that that's a 100% reason to think someone is not using but maybe, ya know? Anyway......sad to hear of his passing. Only person Ive slept with that is now RIPing

231 days ago


That's just Sad.

231 days ago


That heroin is no joke RIP.

231 days ago


Please TmZ. Show a little respect for his kids and wife now.

231 days ago


god, harvey levin's minions are such *******s. have some ****ing respect. PSH's private life and addiction is not fodder for your pathetic website. this is beyond bad taste. **** all of you. you didn't even come close to the tacky factor when covering charlie sheen... lame. you all look like ***** and dumb ****s on the show.

231 days ago


I registered just to be able to leave a comment. If it was a perfect unknown person nobody would have bothered taking pictures. Now someone did it and sent those pictures to TMZ and you are proudly showing them like a trophy! This is so disrespectful to Mr. Seymour Hoffman, to his family, children and fans. The film industry and theater is saddened by the loss of an incredible actor. Please remove these pictures and show some respect. Suffering from addiction is a chronicle disease. Please stop it and may Phillip Seymour Hoffman rest in peace.

231 days ago


Why the big deal? This guys claim to fame was playing the "I sharted" guy in Along Came Polly. And he died a junkie with mass amount of heroin. Not exactly a role model or screen legend.

231 days ago


Philip Seymour Hoffman was murdered by The War On Drugs.

If you want to make a difference in your life and the world, you will comment on every posting about Philip Seymour Hoffman that "Philip Seymour Hoffman was murdered by The War On Drugs."

If all drug abuse was decriminalized and treated as a health problem in health clinics. Every addict would be treated with clean meds in a doctor managed program.

The War On Drugs would not, in fact, be a dirty and tattered cloak hiding the excessive enrichment by the needless appropriation of immense tax revenues for the law enforcement industry.

The War On Drugs would not, in fact, be the phony excuse for the massive sucking of our public taxes into the massive prisoners for profit Private Prison Industry.

Perhaps some gifted politicians would even take the tens of Billions of Dollars saved by these measures as the "offset savings" demanded by conservatives to pay for a real educational system, the repair of our rotting infrastructure, and the social safety net programs so vital for the no longer needed workers and their families in our country.

231 days ago
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