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Harriet Tubman Wasn't Removed Over Backlash

2/4/2014 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Nick Cannon got fired up about Google's Black History Month tribute featuring Harriet Tubman -- and sparked some outrage on the Internet -- but the company doesn't think it did anything wrong ... TMZ has learned.

If you missed it, Google's homepage on February 1st featured a doodle of the Civil War era abolitionist carrying a lantern. If you slept through your education -- Tubman led hundreds of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

The image of HT, wearing a do-rag, rubbed Nick the wrong way -- he Instagrammed ... "Really Google? This is the way we are kicking off Black History Month #WhoApprovedThis"


Our Google sources tell us they did NOT take down the doodle early due to the moderate backlash generated in part by Cannon's IG. We're told Harriet was up for a full 24-hours ... just like all the other Google doodle tributes.

Question is: why was anyone pissed in the first place? There are plenty of actual photos of Tubman wearing a do-rag.

So, we gotta ask ...



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billy pootons    

i laughed at "our google sources"... seeing how google is probably how TMZ comes up with all of their fake sources

263 days ago

Pure Evil    

Clearly Nick Cannon is dumb. He would have Harriet Tubman wearing a Pravda hat and hoop earrings.

263 days ago


I don't find it racist at all... It was a tribute holding a lantern which she did AT NIGHT to lead the slaves threw the dark tunnels.... JEEZE give me a break with all the sensitive bull****.

263 days ago


Well at least they made a tribute to her. I'm not offended it still doesn't change her remarkable pilgrimage to freedom. Ms Tubman you R-O-C-K!!!! Happy Black History Month.

263 days ago


Hey look more uneducated blacks crying racism

263 days ago


Nick Cannon not so bright.

263 days ago

Wow ...    

Seriously Nick? Chill out, Google her and see the pics for yourself. SMH

263 days ago


Nick, you need to find yourself a job and do something constructive other than sitting around waiting for google to offend you.

263 days ago


Sounds like Nick Cannon is feeling a little forgotten. Must be hard having a wife that's 10 times more popular than you. This is about as Racist as calling someone black or white.

263 days ago


What the #uck. Stop calling it a do rag. It was a scarf or a piece of fabric. But seriously, what the h3ll does it have to do with this woman's legacy. Luckily, very few people are so concerned with the superficial. That's all that seems to matter now. What do you want her portrayed as Beyonce?! Gtfoh! #focusonthehistory

263 days ago


Nick you are more offensive to black history than any doodle Google did.

263 days ago


seems like if a company doesnt acknowledge black history month, some black person complains. So then the company acknowledges black history month, and what happens? Some black person complains. Good lord. are you ever satisfied?

263 days ago


LOL.....Nick screams about how ignorant Google is when it is in reality he who is ignorant. I bet Nick couldn't pick Harriet out from a picture lineup.

263 days ago

Now u know.    

Nick always thought you were smart but datum there you go trying to find a racist act you really are a stupid azz.

263 days ago


Can't erase history folks! Yeah, it wasn't pretty but it happened. Moving on is all we can do, or you can pout around and be a whiny baby your whole life?

263 days ago
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