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Mia Farrow

Woody Molested Dylan

And He Knows It [VIDEO]

2/4/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Woody Allen and his lawyer may be painting Mia Farrow out to be a spiteful bitch for alleging Woody molested her daughter ... but Mia is on tape explaining how Dylan freely opened up about the sexual attack and she says Woody knows in his heart exactly what he did.

Farrow spoke exclusively with Rosanna Scotto -- WNYW Fox 5 anchor -- back in 1992, just after winning a bitter custody fight.

Farrow explains ... when Dylan started opening up about the abuse she spontaneously grabbed a camera and videotaped it.

And ... Farrow explains how she told Dylan that her dad was now her sister's "boyfriend."


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Mia Farrow makes Julia Roberts and Halle Berry look sane. She probably has 800 cats and the windows are boarded up in her house. I had a chance to visit once but I was afraid something would happen to me in there and no one would hear me scream.

261 days ago


These liberals will defend a child molester and then call Mitt Romney a monster. Liberals are ruining this country.

261 days ago


As a matter of fact I have few memories from as young as 2 years old......

261 days ago

Dan da man    

TMZ has some real issues calling women a "Bitch" all the time! Stop hiring 3rd graders for writers!

261 days ago


If he did this than Dylan needs to do whatever she needs to legally to get justice. Otherwise sit down and shut up because the finger pointing and public bashing doesn't help anyone involved.

261 days ago


call bs on the whole thing. mia is a psycho bitter skank.

261 days ago


Yeah, every mother's first thought is to record an intimate conversation with her little girl telling her about abuse. The timing is very convenient. Right when the bitter divorce took off. Please stop supporting Farrow.

261 days ago

Wow ...    

This is really sad. I believe Dylan. There is no way a young woman would go public with such allegations without there being truth to it. And woody Allen really needs to stop attacking Mia - it doesn't make him look good, let alone innocent. And indeed, him having an "affair" with his adopted daughter makes him look really guilty. He knew no bounds.

261 days ago


I guess we know who TMZ is siding with, which is the side that the courts and an extensive investigation determined to be without cause or evidence enough for an arrest. Not like anyone should be surprised at the room full of halfwits writing these "articles."

But, really, do any of you cronies have the ability to separate fact from fiction, or read a book or credible news report before blabbering nonsense?

Woody Allen never married his daughter, or his adoptive daughter, or anyone under the age of 21 that was morally or legally obligated to him. Regardless, if that were considered a crime, or indictable offense in this country, half the CEOs on our soil would be incarcerated.

Which is ironic that people point to this rubbish as evidence of a sick person, considering Mia Farrow married Frank Sinatra when she was 19 and he was well into his 50s. That is, the son formerly known as Satchel's father from a nutt-job mother must also be a child molestor, yeah?

Get a life, people, and learn to think for yourselves before spewing venom about stories you know nothing about.

261 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

One look at Woody Allen and it's pretty obvious the guy is a pedo. Why this is surprising to anybody is beyond me. Hope he ends up burning in hell with Michael Jackson.

261 days ago


Mia Farrow is a vindictive, jealous woman who cannot stand that Woody Allen has a life and she doesn't. This was investigated by the authorities 20 years ago and they found no evidence that the girl had been molested.

261 days ago

the truth    

and yes sure she wants no publicity ...why would you want this out in public

261 days ago


He will continue to get away with it till the day he dies. Same thing happened to me and while the courts agreed to hand over custody of me and my sister to our brother with a no contact order for our father after our mothers death he was never arrested. If the molestation is just fondling with no proof of actual penetration the courts don't do a f**king thing even with 2 children suffering from p.t.s.d. and another, our older sister who was a legal adult attempting to take her own life and leaving details of the abuse in her suicide note. My mom didn't brainwash us, she didn't even believe it. Must be easy to get away with it if you have money and the mothers a little our there. God please Dylan and may Woody rot in hell with my father.

261 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

This story bothers me because clearly when Woody started messing with his Asian adotped child, he had an issue clear as day with messing with young woman. Stevie Wonder can see Woody has issues!!!! The system protects the rich and heres were i admit its unfair based on $ and were money does matter in this world. He should have been investigated and jailed and made a registered sex offender. From what MIa Farrow says, he used marriage as being a piece of paper but, turned around a sleeps with there adopted kid, who is Asian and probably felt helpless and culturally she probably didnt know how to act with what was being done to her, we cant blame her at all. I feel for that girl hes with now because she didnt get a chance to be teen and find someone for her, he stole her adulthood!!!! As for Mia and her kid Dylan, keep on pursuing this because those like me who were abused need people to stand up and fight, ignore the haters and scream your truth!!!! LGNM

261 days ago


No physical evidence that she was molested does not mean that she was not molested.....they were simply looking for bruising or tearing in her private don't have to penetrate or attempt to penetrate a child to mokest them....u can use your tongye

261 days ago
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