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Philip Seymour Hoffman

'Ace of Hearts' Heroin

Traced to Near Fatal OD

2/4/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several bags of heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment were potentially lethal ... so says a woman who almost died from using the brand.

We got this photo from a woman who is very familiar with the NYC heroin scene. She asked us not to ID her. The woman gave us this picture, showing the "Ace of Hearts" heroin brand.

She tells us she injected herself with a "tiny bit" of "Ace of Hearts" back in Sept., and says she stopped breathing almost instantly. She was revived with CPR and landed in the hospital.

The woman says when she got out of the hospital she went to cops and told them about what she called a lethal strain of heroin going around NYC.

The woman says she saw Hoffman on the streets in the weeks before he died and it was apparent to her he was strung out.

We do not know if Hoffman injected himself with "Ace of Hearts" the day he died, since there were dozens of heroin bags in his apartment.  It appears Hoffman may have died quickly after an injection, since a needle was sticking out of his left arm when he was found.


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Elmer Fudd    

Drugs don't discriminate... rich, poor, famous or not-- they going to kill you.

223 days ago


This garbage needs to end, TMZ. This is pathetic. A man DIED, he made bad choices, and they killed him. And now, with every new story about his problem, you are systematically stripping him of every other shred of humanity he possessed. An ENTIRE human beings LIFE, a man who was talented and did SO many great things , a vibrant life, in a space of DAYS, has been reduced to "eyewitness-but-no-proof" accounts, and demeaning pictures, and video footage of a bodybag and gawking cameramen. Where is everyones empathy? YES, I KNOW, His choices were selfish, and they were reckless, but HE no longer has to live with them, his three little children and the people who loved him do, and with all of this bull****, you are only ADDING to their misery!

223 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I can't believe you ate taking this lady's word for it and are running this story. Can anyone call in with a claim like this. If she stopped breathing seconds after a small shot, he wouldn't have all the empty baggies around. Also, the police said they were looking into it. If this brand was so bad you would've heard that from the cops from now. I understand this is a big celebrity story and is well within the realm of what you guys do, but at least a little journalistic integrity guys? An addict who won't ID herself can't be a good source, even I know that and I went to law school not journalism school

223 days ago


Hofman told people before, that he's always snorting heroin and NEVER shooting it. You CAN'T snort ace of hearts. Strangly, for Hofmann as an experienced pro druggie, he decided to shoot a lot of ace of hearts and ace of spades!

His ace of spades was laced with fentanyl, therefore a deadly heroin.
If you want to kill a druggie the 'safe' way, give him deadly laced heroin.

223 days ago


So TMZ you PAID a junkie for her story about heroin. Disgusting.

223 days ago


Nothing new around here:

223 days ago

A J Mclamb    

The headline is incorrect. Taking Heroin in the first place is associated with near fatal OD's.

223 days ago


IV drug users take their life in their hands everytime they put the needle in their arm...and they know that...they hate reality enough to risk their lives for feeling nothing..the high is just one step away from death...they dont want to feel and thats what heroin does for them. I know.

223 days ago


This is why I think drugs should be legalized. When You have to buy from street dealers, you just don't know what Your getting. They are not your friend, you can be buying dope from someone for 10 yr's and they'll do this to ya'h..

223 days ago


The world is full of either sociopaths, people that hate their miserable lives, or just pure As*holes, and this site along with the staff is full of those types of people, that's why their are so many heartless immature comments trashing people who do not deserve especially someone who just passed away. If cameras followed them around 24-7, we would see nothing but community service, nothing but constant smiles as they helped out children and every stranger that they encountered, we would ofcourse never, I mean never see any of them smoking weed drinking or doing any drugs! All there free time would be with their family or in a library. And they would embrace every camera that was shoved in there face even if it happened 100 times a day when they were with their kids and their kids started crying because loud crowds of people surrounded them flashing bright lights asking horrible questions to their mom and dad. We would see nothing but perfect angels, and I'm not only talking about the commentators on here but also the TMZ staffers, it would be very hard to find anyone or anything that was more perfect in every way possible than all of them!

223 days ago


I wonder what it is about that Entertainment industry that makes most of them turn to drugs to cope with it.

223 days ago


I know how this sounds but blame the drugs blame friends blame everyone but the person who picked up the needle in the first place .they have to make a decision that first time to do it .

223 days ago


Why do you guys call them "different strains of heroin"? Do you have any chemistry knowledge before you start spewing ****?

The heroin was cut with powdered clandestine Fentanyl.

223 days ago


So TMZ uses heroin street junkies as news sources for reporting the "news". I'm going back to the National Enquirer. At least they had cool pictures of UFO's.

223 days ago


The real issue is that NYCity Cops were only have minorities and blacks, not the white folks. Even though more whites use drugs. NYC Cops are racist and the nation knows it. This guy even purchase heroin on the streets and cops just turned their heads.

223 days ago
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