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Philip Seymour Hoffman

2 Alleged Drug Dealers Targeted in Police Raid

2/5/2014 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York cops have just made 4 ARRESTS in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman's death … Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us … police have obtained a search warrant and are currently on scene at a NY apt. We're told police are targeting two individuals who they believe sold PSH heroin.  Sources say cops raided 3 units in the same building.

Sources also tell us … someone involved in the heroin market in NYC contacted police and gave them the names and addresses of two alleged drug dealers who pushed the drug.

We're told the heroin user told cops he buys from the same dealer Hoffman frequented and sometimes saw Hoffman in the dealer's apartment.  The informant says Hoffman would buy "bundles" of heroin at a time ... twice a week.

Sources say the informant told cops ... the alleged dealer -- a musician for a famous rapper -- would sometimes run out of his supply and use a secondary dealer, who sold "cheap s**t heroin" that was dangerous.  And the informant says ... Hoffman would get the secondary supply.

Four suspects are now in custody.  Law enforcement tells us all 4 were arrested for drugs found in the apartment units.

10:15 PM PT -- Sources tell us 3 of the suspects are men ... 1 woman -- and officers found nearly 350 glassine baggies filled with heroin.  We're told one of the men -- Robert Vineberg has played sax for Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Wyclef, Tom Jones and David Bowie. He's been charged with felony drug possession.

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Too bad cops don't do this for EVERY family that loses a loved one due to a drug overdose - if his name weren't famous this wouldn;t have happened. BY THE WAY - I AM SICK OF HOW THE MEDIA HAS TAKEN HOLD OF THIS - WE HAVE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY THAN SOME SELFISH DUMBASS WHO PUSHES DRUGS UP HIS VEINS!

226 days ago

Holy moly    

Awesome, so is this a new thing that cops are doing? Going after drug dealers that cause millions of druggies to overdose? Just this time?...celebrity advantages??! .... Oh ok....

226 days ago

Madelaine J    

It's irritating how many of these comments are the same! "Why so quick when it's a celebrity?" Seriously? It makes the police look bad when they don't jump on it when it's front page news! Also! HELLO!!! There was an informant who was credible! How many of you go the cops when you know who the dealer is? Or the killer? Exactly!! ZERO! It'll keep happening as long as we allow it to happen.

226 days ago


Would they be doing this if it was everyday Joe?.. NO..It sad when people CONTINUALLY participate BY CHOICE in behavior that will take them into their death quickly. He chose his death, otherwise they wouldnt have found a need in his arm AND 75 packets the drug in his room..

226 days ago

Yes, lets face the truth, "Said but true" Hoffman was just junkie pure and simple. I have no idea 'wahy anyone would want to place or inject your body with this crap. I have no idea why or how Hoffman would such a thing.

226 days ago


Why are the dealers being blamed for something that Hoffman did? Hoffman knew the risks and dangers.

226 days ago


I thought this would happen with Heath Ledger. The rumor is that a celeb was his dealer and the Olsen twin cleaned up the scene. Why aren't they aiding the drug dealer, reportedly Nicole Ritchie, according to the Blind Gossip?

226 days ago

Bob Paulson    


226 days ago


Enough already. Since when do ''any'' of us have anything above ''zero'' respect for a junkie? I'm glade he is dead...that's one less junkie. Cold? No. It's called tough love...and there is nothing cold about tough love. It's the only way to look at substance abuse....users...dealers...enablers...etc. In the end, that is all this actor was...a junkie. All junkies have done very bad things during their lives...worse things than most of us. That is a safe comment, and hardly stereotyping. If anyone believes this actor was any different...they are fools. All people who have had out of control substance abusers in their families know what I am talking about...especially the children of the abusers and the bad memories and terrible childhoods they were left with to remember the rest of their lives. You can also just about be ''positive'' that this actor/junkie also sold heroin at one time or another. Whether he did or not...why has he not been arrested for this criminal lifestyle? Obviously it was no secret he was a junkie. Now that he is dead...all of a sudden his dealers are the bad guy. I agree with that...but why were they not ''already'' busted as well as the actor? I am sick and tired of good police work ''after'' the fact.

226 days ago

Grandma S     

That is gtreat , but don't let them slip behind into the cracks. Yes Philip went and got it and put it in his arm, but ever who s sold it to him is as guilty as he was. Now Philiplet him sleep in the peace he wanted.It is up ti God justice for him . but his children will pay a price for their dads actions. God rest his soul and give peace to his children.

226 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I'm not a fan of cut-and-paste comments but this song keeps going through my mind as both appropriate and prophetic. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last.

Angel of darkness is upon you
Stuck a needle in your arm
So take another toke, have a blow for your nose
One more drink fool, will drown you

Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you

Now they call you Prince Charming
Can't speak a word when you're full of 'ludes
Say you'll be all right come tomorrow
But tomorrow might not be here for you

Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you

Hey, you're a fool you
Stick them needles in your arm
I know I been there before

One little problem that confronts you
Got a monkey on your back
Just one more fix, Lord might do the trick
One hell of a price for you to get your kicks

Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you
Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
Ooooh that smell
The smell of death surrounds you

226 days ago


good to get these guys off the street
but it begs the question
if it were Joe Citizen and not Hoffman who was found dead with a needle in his arm and a bunch of heroin around- would police still have acted so quickly?
I would like to think so but can't help but wonder...

226 days ago

Louie Rey    

Is there any wonder as to why those in Hollywood are THE MOST pampered and self absorbed individuals (Ricky Gervais' comment, not mine although I agree) on the planet? Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm taking pleasure in Hoffman's passing. However, why is it that his death prompted a police investigation into who sold him the drugs that he used to end up killing himself but that's not done for the young Black or Hispanic who dies is the exact same manner in some poor, minority neighborhood? That person may not be famous but he or she's just as important to their loved ones.

226 days ago


That is seriously incredible. The guy was a heroin addict and others get blamed for his death.
Thousands of people die of heroin every day in NYC but I guess those lives wasn't as important as this actors.

226 days ago


why dont they make arrests when normal folk die ?

226 days ago
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