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Philip Seymour Hoffman

2 Alleged Drug Dealers Targeted in Police Raid

2/5/2014 6:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New York cops have just made 4 ARRESTS in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman's death … Law enforcement sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us … police have obtained a search warrant and are currently on scene at a NY apt. We're told police are targeting two individuals who they believe sold PSH heroin.  Sources say cops raided 3 units in the same building.

Sources also tell us … someone involved in the heroin market in NYC contacted police and gave them the names and addresses of two alleged drug dealers who pushed the drug.

We're told the heroin user told cops he buys from the same dealer Hoffman frequented and sometimes saw Hoffman in the dealer's apartment.  The informant says Hoffman would buy "bundles" of heroin at a time ... twice a week.

Sources say the informant told cops ... the alleged dealer -- a musician for a famous rapper -- would sometimes run out of his supply and use a secondary dealer, who sold "cheap s**t heroin" that was dangerous.  And the informant says ... Hoffman would get the secondary supply.

Four suspects are now in custody.  Law enforcement tells us all 4 were arrested for drugs found in the apartment units.

10:15 PM PT -- Sources tell us 3 of the suspects are men ... 1 woman -- and officers found nearly 350 glassine baggies filled with heroin.  We're told one of the men -- Robert Vineberg has played sax for Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Wyclef, Tom Jones and David Bowie. He's been charged with felony drug possession.

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No Avatar

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

That's odd... over here on the West Coast cops can care less who the drug dealers are when celebs go on epic bender's or OD off the good isht. Dealers supply dope to addicts in turn addicts supply job opportunities to cops. In which when addicts had enough they supply income to mortuaries. It's like everybody wins.

227 days ago

Don't you understand that what they used to cut the heroin was part of the problem. No drug dealer , no overdose!!

227 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Do you fools know the meaning of the word 'Exclusive"? EVERY broadcast medium has exactly the same story.

227 days ago


I would HOPE that these drug dealers are NOT going to be CHARGED with anything that DIRECTLY RELATES to PSHs death... they SHOULD be charged with dealing DRUGS... but that is it...

NOONE put that heroin into that syringe and stuck that needle in PSH arm but PSH... period...

Yes... it's SAD... actually PATHETIC really... but he MADE A CHOICE... and paid the ultimate price...

227 days ago


And the effort to blame everyone for Hoffman's death except Philip himself continues.

227 days ago


Typically lame reporting , its a bindle not a bundle, of course this crw got nailed becasue they sold to Hoffman, what do they expect when selling to celebs and stampin gtheir bags as brand. And they got bounced by someone who owed them oney or was their competiicain o the police nailed for somethig else and he can walk. NOt only do ya get to od ..ya MEET REALLY GREAT folks. Its a mcro of the whole society. We can only hope for the great heroin resurgence on wall street.

Hoffman had everything at his disposal, including many doctors that would "take care of this ". Apparently this is what he prefered.

227 days ago


why do people come forward....after? not before?

227 days ago


another moron puts H in his veins and we look for the excuses. Its simple don't shoot up and live.

227 days ago


Well, isn't that amazing! How about we work on who supplies Lindsay Lohan with her cocaine?

227 days ago


If this guy was broke and the average "Joe" he would've simply been labled a junkie..."CASE CLOSED!"

227 days ago


wow. if this guy was the average "Joe" he simply would have been labled a junkie. CASE CLOSED!

227 days ago


If it was just an ordinary joe that died I don't think the cops would have bothered much....jus saying

227 days ago

Don Browning    

Let's see... kill a public figure with your drugs and risk getting caught..... otherwise, we may not chase you.

227 days ago


Dealers are the lowest of the low and I get that. But I doubt that we are ever going to live in a society where vices that are harmful will totally be eradicated. When someone with so much talent and promise died in this manner we tend to have to blame someone. But what about the responsibility of the person to stay away from the junk in the first place. If a person never takes drugs then all the pushers in the world would make no difference.

227 days ago


These guys have suffered enough, after all, they both lost one of their best customers.

227 days ago
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