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Diddy to Waitress

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2/5/2014 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy and his entourage rang up a $200 tab at a NYC bar during the Super Bowl ... then STIFFED their waitress on the tip ... according to the bar which is now publicly shaming the multi-millionaire.

Employees say on Sunday Sean Combs and his friends were at The Bar located in the Dream Hotel  ... and when the bar manager asked Diddy if he was receiving good service ... Diddy said everything was A-ok. 

But when it came time to pay ... staffers say Diddy left a giant goose egg for gratuity.

Now The Bar is calling him out ... ridiculing him on its Facebook page -- "Although [Diddy's] Net worth is in the millions, he felt it necessary to stiff a hard working young girl for $40 bucks. What a gentleman....!!!"

Of course it's possible Diddy thought, for once, someone else in his entourage would pick up the tab. We've reached out to him ... so far no response.


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Good way to treat customers -- shame them into tipping your vastly underpaid workers. Consider paying them a working wage instead of spending so much time in public shaming.

Maybe there was a good reason Diddy diddyn't tip other than the fact that he is an incredible d-bag.

263 days ago


Fun Fact: Puff Diddy can open beer bottles and crack open walnuts with those teeth of his but has now been passed in the "Celebrity with the biggest ego with absolutely nothing to back it up" category by kanye west.

263 days ago


TMZ putting words in people's mouths again.

263 days ago


tipping is proof that the waiters/waitresses cannot live on their measly wages

263 days ago


What a pathetic establishment for shaming their own customers, truly a low-class move. Hope they go out of business which they most certainly will considering how brain dead their management must be for approving this.

263 days ago


Hate to break it to you but a TIP is not a requirement!!!!!!! A tip is optional, regardless of how much net worth one might have. If they want a "tip" to be a requirement it needs to be automatically added as a fee.

263 days ago


So cheap that why he proposing in instagram he need to change his name to cheap diddy.

263 days ago


Never liked the guy.

263 days ago


Isn't $40 already 20% of the bill? Why is that cheap?

263 days ago

Sheldon Siegel    

Oh no he Diddyn't !!

263 days ago


the only one who is stiffing a hard working waitress is the club itself.
Pay your staff a respectable salary so they dont have to rely on tips which are not mandatory.

it's wrong for Diddy to not tip however the bigger issue is establishments need to be held accountable for paying their staff for services given to the patrons. It is not the patrons responsibility.
this is a huge issue that needs to be addressed with the labor department.

263 days ago


i'm willing to bet the waitress was white.

another f'n ***** racist.

263 days ago


While it is likely that a tip was deserved they should have just chalked it up to a poor experience not getting $40 and moved on not publicly saying so. If the manager was so upset then he should have given her $40. If it were a $1500 tab it still would have been crappy but not necessary. You lose some you win some.

263 days ago


Tipping is a gratuity, not a pay supplement. Although it's a 'custom' in some countries or areas, it's not owed to anyone. My guess is pitiful wages is what started the custom in the U.S. I understand in Britain it started in the 1800's for an incentive to give better service. I thought a paycheck was that. Only certain sectors of food and hospitality feel entitled. The kid taking your order at McDonald's isn't looking for a tip. Outing someone for tipping is lame. He may have had a reason, if not, it's still his money and not earmarked for someone doing their job for which they get PAID. I give 20% if I get good service, not so good less or ZERO and I'm not a celebrity. The minute someone starts thinking i OWE them a tip, I'm done.

263 days ago


This is typical of a lot of celebs, especially if they make it young. They have no idea what it's like to really work hard and stress about money, they basically hit the lottery and think the ar e smart. Smart People don't get themselves on TMZ as looking like an ungrateful A $$ hole.

263 days ago
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