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Marilyn Manson & Johnny Depp

Dope Show

2/5/2014 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sweet dreams are made of this -- Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp ventured out in L.A. this week ... and Johnny didn't even TRY to hide his glass marijuana pipe.

Fun fact: Manson and Depp are good pals ... Depp invited Manson to the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" ... they've even performed together in the past (Depp on guitar) ... and recorded a cover of "You're So Vain."

Too bad. We would have suggested ... "High Hopes."



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Manson looks like a guy who knows that he's gotten away with fooling the world... I wish somebody would smack that dumb*ss smirk off his face.

173 days ago


So the dirty little pirate is still killing his brain cells! He looks like a girl! Well he has to keep the young gold digger happy! next month he'll loose his adam's apple. We know he's already lost his balls! Bend over old man, your about to loose the rest of your money!

173 days ago


Nice pipe. Looks handmade, color changing. veddy nice

173 days ago

The Zombie    

Some of the same people saying this is ok are the people bagging on Bieber. Hypocrisy much?

173 days ago


5alad, you're an idiot! Really, you came here to post none stop defending two other idiots! LOL You don't understand my comment? The pirate has lost all his looks, he's old and looking less like the man he once was. Well, he's always been a small man, but now he just looks sad next to the tall young gold digger and her girlfriends! She was not known until she bagged him. At least she has the ring, but he does give those out like candy! Better for her to get knocked up fast. Everyone knows he is just like all the other old men looking for their youth in younger girls. If he had gone for someone ten years younger than him, he probabaly wouldn't get so much negative remarks.
Also, the whole idea of these celeb sites is to comment about people we don't know. You're doing too! So shut up!

173 days ago

Lara Stiles    

warming up for a bachelor party, eh Johnny?

164 days ago


Why don't you just come out and say it, Johnny Depp and Marilyn Mason are a couple, plain and simple! They both look like a couple of aging old queens, with their dyed hair, outlandish cloths, out for a walk, doing their thing (no pun intended)! they remind me of that movie Rex Harrison and Richard Burton did years ago, just two old queens just living their lives. Johnny Depp keeps kissing every damn man in public he sees, what do you think he does in private? He let it out one time on a talk show, he lived with his "mentor" and older man and his wife and sort of hinted they had an "arrangement" & it was not lost on me, having lived in Hollyweird for 8+ years, before I was burnt completely out with the freaks, ho's and complete phoniness of the place and it's peoples. You guys report what sells, not the truth, although I know you know the truth, as I watch you every damn day, 2 times. you Harvey Levin, have corruped them all, they all think like you now (or, lose their jobs like Max & others?)GOOD FOR YOU! You can get rid of the loud mouthed ignorant black chick though, I wouldn't mind. Raquel is her name? She is so ignorant it scares me and evidently you too.

108 days ago


Stop with the stories on Kim & the rest of the ho's known as the Kardasians, PLEASE! All they are famous for is going after every black man (with money preferably, though, in times of need, I am sure they all do it for their cravings for big black c--- too) they see and sucking black c---!

I mean come on guys, it is getting so old, all the attention you guys give these pigs and sluts! I have stepped over better than those pigs to j--- off and so glad I did. I physically want to throw up when I see you promo one of these ho's, ugh!

Hell, if they had as many c---'s sticking out of them as they had stuck in them, they would look like 3 porkipines rolled in a ball, with ALL their quivers out to defend theirselves against those black c--- hungry ho's!

What a waste to humanity that whole family is. Just imagine all young girls want to be like those sluts now, they have corrupted a nation of young girls, if, not the world, thanks to you guys and websites like yours. So disgusting, pretty soon the only way you can find a virgin is to invade the womb prior to birth and that may be hard to do to, if, the perveted doctor is so inclined?
I won't name names, but, someone in my family were close to those sluts and their family, prior to the father dying of cancer, after he got the duffel bag for his boyfriend OJ Simpson with the bloody cloths (Karma?) in it, hey, sleep with dogs (in this case pigs), you get fleas!

108 days ago
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