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Selena Gomez

Blames Her Rehab Stint On Justin Bieber

2/5/2014 6:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Selena Gomez went to rehab last month ... and sources connected with the singer say she blames Justin Bieber for her predicament.

We've learned Gomez went to The Meadows in Arizona for 2 weeks of treatment.   

Sources say Selena went for a combination of problems, including alcohol, pot and prescription Ambien.  She's also addicted to Justin Bieber.

We're told Selena's decision was largely based on "that crazy boy" -- aka Bieber.  Selena blames a lot of her problems on the excesses she was exposed to by being around Bieber and his buddies.

Sources close to Gomez tell us ... people in Selena's camp went ballistic when they found out she was hanging out again with Justin ... and saw photos of her joyriding with him on Segways. We're told that was the final straw -- she checked into rehab immediately after that.

The 2-week treatment was part of a program called DAWN at The Meadows ... specifically designed for people between 18 and 26.  DAWN specializes in substance dependence, trauma, family dynamics, mental health and relapse prevention.

We're told Selena is not getting outpatient help now nor is she in therapy.



No Avatar


lol! give him more of an EGO wtf. bitch went to "rehab" ....yeah ok.

263 days ago

david 183    

Stop blaming someone else for your own problems. I don't care much for Bieber but it is possible you were just as much of a bad influence as he was to you. Take responsibility for your own decisions , if not you are bound to repeat them.

263 days ago


This girl needs to take responsibility for her own action!!! I don't like the biebs but she's a grown girl quit whining and be responsible don't hang around the crap be your own person and hang out with a better crowd

263 days ago


yet she still goes back to him.. what a moron!

263 days ago


No one can make you do something you don't want to do. Sure he's a bad influence, but that's why you walk away. Why keep coming back to someone that you KNOW has issues? Some call it love, I call it stupid!

263 days ago


Nonsense garbage Hollywood trash hawking her faux issues. No one will care what happens to her. Why don't get back to work Ms. Gomez

263 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Just another no talent hack, they're a perfect couple.

263 days ago


It is NOT bieber a fault she decided to pop pills and smoke pot!! Dumb ass girl! And ur older than he is! Maybe u were his problem all along?! He was a good boy until u two dated

263 days ago


That is BS she needs to Take Responsibility for her own Drug Use. If it was Justine's Fault she did a Horrible Job staying away from Him.

263 days ago


Its tour fault selena. He didnit hold you hostage

263 days ago


The 1st step is admitting you have a problem & the 2nd would be owning it. How can one person make another person do anything they wasn't willing to do in the 1st place...Girl Bye #GTFOH I'm NOT fan of either, but BS is BS no matter how you frame it.

263 days ago


As long as she stays away from Justin . she will have a chance. kudos to her for doing something about her problem.
she needs to have positive people in her life who can keep her away from drugs, booze, etc.
hopefully she stays away from Justin and never gets back with him. then she will stay on track!

263 days ago


I blame justin too

263 days ago


So SeGo needs more attention and does the "rehab" thing. WTF is with all these entertainers and rehab? Can't deal with life's problems like the rest of us? Take ownership for your own actions, never blame someone else or you are doomed to repeat them.

263 days ago


Why blame him? She's older than he is. If you're around influences you believe to bad, remove yourself from the situation.

263 days ago
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