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Justin Bieber

Sheriff Recommends

Felony Prosecution in Egg Throwing

2/6/2014 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. has just sent the Justin Bieber case to the L.A. County D.A., and the cops are strongly recommending prosecution for FELONY vandalism over the egg attack.

TMZ broke the story ... Bieber has been accused by his neighbor of egging his home ... causing around $20,000 in damage.  Sheriff's investigators took it seriously enough to execute a search warrant.

Lt. Dave Thompson tells TMZ, "I went to the D.A.'s Office today with the paperwork, and I want a felony.  Of course I want a felony."

TMZ posted video in the middle of the attack, in which you hear Bieber taunting the neighbor.

The D.A. will make a decision in about a week.



No Avatar


Hes gonna be okay.. He is hanging with Diddy now.

222 days ago


Deport this assclown already!

222 days ago

bring back recent posts    

U idiots need too rest ur fingers with the deport button, ain't going to happen,....he will fly fly fly

222 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Don't deport him just harvest even Seagal punch him.

222 days ago


This is the same BS routine TMZ runs on EVERY celeb law breaking thing. THEY'RE GOING TO JAIL. And then it totally peters out to nothing. Every time.

222 days ago

Patrick Prophylactic    

Hitler would agree with a Felony for egg throwing. Law Degree???

222 days ago


Throw his ass in the can! He'll make some big fat greasy prisoner a damned fine bitch.

222 days ago


As long as Lil Beaver can make friends with lots of Lils ... he really want mind time spent in the Gray Bar Hotel...

222 days ago


I thought they needed a little thing like evidence and to my understanding, they didn't find any. Oh ya, cops just make shiite up on the fly, right??

222 days ago

Patrick Prophylactic    

Another punk Obama: Believe nothing he says & 90% of the time you'll be right.

222 days ago


I'm from Ontario and this whole thing sounds like something out of our local paper : do something that would be considered a prank, but you're too old to be doing it, and you overdo it to the point where police have to be called. Yep, it's obvious he was born here.

222 days ago


Said it once I will say it again. Go back to canada we already have a no talent wanna be gangsta white boy rapper who can't sing for crap. Eminem!!

222 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

If the facts are in the report, you must deport. Since his mom didn't abort, you must deport. Since he's a douchebag effeminate sort- YOU MUST DEPORT

222 days ago

jeebus chris    

He threw eggs at his neighbor's house...OK, that's the sort of douchey thing you might expect from some dumb rowdy 14 year olds. Bratty kids egg houses when they don't get candy they like on Halloween. Hardly a felony. I find it hard to believe that eggs can cause $20,000.00 damage, but maybe houses in California aren't built to withstand eggs. On the other hand, if someone who I knew was worth 80 million dollars (or whatever it is) threw eggs at my house, I'd probably try turning it into a million dollar cash grab. It's the cost of being an idiot.

222 days ago


I don't agree with the hate and anti-JB vibe.

Consider all of the fame and stress the kid's been under.

That alone can trigger a break-down.

We don't KNOW when we crack -

But a personality-changes/acting-out = red flags.

Meaning you're hating-on a kid that needs help.

Some compassion.

Give him some space, dudes.


222 days ago
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