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Justin Bieber

Struts His Stuff

In Jail

2/6/2014 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber clearly thought he was too cool for school when cops busted him in Miami Beach last month -- and in surveillance footage released by cops ... he isn't just pacing behind bars ... he's strutting.

Justin looks like he's been thoroughly put out by the DUI arrest ... his head cocked back during the wee hours of the morning.

You see Justin get patted down by cops ... but they found nothing.

Cops say Justin was under the influence of Rx drugs, weed and booze.


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**** Justin damn theirs more celebrities he's a non ****ing factor

260 days ago


Strutting Hell, he was following orders INCLUDING being told to pull his ****ing pants up!

260 days ago


struts? WHERE?????? Stop lying ya hater

260 days ago

Michael Joyner    

jus ain't gon' learn huh?

260 days ago

Alana Bieber    

Strut: "walk with a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait." Someone please show me when he walks at all during this video because I must have missed it. He's doing nothing wrong or unordinary leave him the **** alone.

259 days ago

Miss Cleo    

Cops should've kicked his ass while they had the chance.

Could always says "Whoops...slipped on that water on the floor. Sorry my foot ended up in your ass!"

259 days ago

Miss Cleo    

He's turning into Corey Haim.

Which means he'll be dead soon enough. Good riddance!

259 days ago

Justin's Girl    

I didn't see Justin strutting... the only thing that i saw was him following the orders that the officer gave . The people of tmz are just trying to create **** because they don't have anything Justin is a great guy and doesn't deserve this.

259 days ago


He's clearly not strutting. Ugh

258 days ago


You know its Punk City for this guy...

258 days ago


Odio a justin bieber

255 days ago


Depressed. Broken. He has tried to OD. He has wanted to end it all. All he wants is to be accepted. But society doesn't care. Rumors after rumors. He has been ridiculed for years. When he finally reaches his breaking point, he's the bad guy now. The people who taunted him can't take responsibility for what they did to him, and end up denying it or blaming it on innocent others. Words are powerful they have the ability to create beautiful moments or completely destroy them. How many more school shootings and suicides need to happen before people realize hate solves nothing, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. We're all humans with great amount of pressure on us. When someone's hurting be there. We could all use a little more compassion. More compassion, understanding, and tolerance we need to have for one another less judgment and critique.

251 days ago


Vous etes des connard de faire sa sa aurai été vous vous auriez aimé qu'on fasse sa bande de batars va fils de pute

234 days ago
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