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Kylie Jenner

Mackin' On Lil Za

In Bieber's Weed Kitchen

2/6/2014 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner won't be happy about this -- her youngest daughter's been hanging out inside Justin Bieber's famously drugged-out house ... and if that wasn't bad enough, she's even getting cozy with his bad news BFF Lil Za ... who was just charged with 3 FELONIES.

The photo was taken Sunday inside Bieber's kitchen -- where the singer's always kept a giant weed stash -- and it's clear ... Kylie is getting comfy with Za.

The other pics were taken earlier this week -- Za posted them on his Instagram ... referring to himself and Kylie as "best friends."

0206-jenner-instagramProbably a bad idea -- Za is 20 and Kylie's only 16 ... not to mention the fact that just last Friday, Za was charged with 3 felonies in connection with the police raid on Bieber's house a couple weeks ago.

As we reported, Za was arrested after the raid when police claim they found MDMA (ecstasy) and Oxycodone near him in the house. He's been charged with felony possession of controlled substances and another felony for breaking a jail phone.



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Pimp Kris always gets her little daughters under some "famous" black man at all costs

257 days ago


Pig in training.

257 days ago


Gonna add stat rape to his record too

257 days ago


Someone posted on here months ago, saying that Kylie and Kendall were dating men in their 20's and that they liked black guys.
They also said they did drugs. I guess they were right ha ha

257 days ago


Nice she's on her way to being a hoe just like her older sister well done mom

257 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Who you trying to kid TMZ?
Bytch want's that black wang, she want's that weed, she wants that booze, and apparantly she wants multiple STD's. It will make a great episode of their "reality" show.

257 days ago


Life is good y'all :-) felines are the new "cool" so I recommend we all get a couple! ... Free rent, free lambos, free weed, free sizzurup , and beibs mum brings the pills for free! .. Life is " good"! Savvy?

257 days ago


Kris is probably going to direct the next sex tape. It worked so great for Kim.

257 days ago


She's a ho, desperate for attention. Remember when she was little & wanted to spin around on the stripper pole in her mom's bedroom? And what's the deal with ppl making stupid faces in all their stupid pics? I hate that.

257 days ago


Hahaha and he's supposed to be "engaged" to that Barwany indian girl LMFAO

257 days ago


I, for one, am completely shocked that Kris Jenner's parenting skills did not prevent this atrocity. She's such a seemingly attentive, caring, nurturing parent. It's a wonder how any child in the Kardashian family could EVERRRR do anything less than being morally upstanding. They're such a wholesome group and there's just no sort of precedent in this family for this type of egregious behavior.

257 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Bruce won't like this .Kris? I am surprised she isn't there with a glass of wine , going "hey doll,this is so precious, right? Woohoo".

257 days ago


What a great couple. Justin is such a great friend to them. he always has goodies for them. he really loves his friends and his fans!!!! be sure to buy Justin music, and merchandise and watch his videos. the more money Justin makes the more he can share with his friends. Little Za is agood boy. he just needs to keep having Justin back. friends like him are hard to find.

257 days ago


what the freak is that in his mouth?

257 days ago

The Truth    

Just a PR stunt to try and keep the Kardashians in the news. Fame whores, nothing more. Trying to use Bieber's coat tails to stay in the news.

They even moved next to him to get news.

Next will be the sex tape.

TMZ, Mike you forgot to announce that Kris show was cancelled. Still drinking the Kardashian cool-aid.

The Truth Hurts

257 days ago
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