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Eva Mendes

My Week Sucks ...

How's Yours, Officer?

2/7/2014 11:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Mendes has had a bad week ... first rumors she's split from the best looking guy on the planet, and now she gets stopped for talking on her cell phone ... and the most humiliating part -- by a bike cop.

Eva was tooling around L.A. -- we're guessing talking to someone about Ryan Gosling -- when a bike cop spotted her and wrote her up.

Eva's the latest victim of L.A. traffic snarl.  You just can't get away anymore.

The good news ... she apparently talked her way out of the ticket, because cops tell us they have no record of a citation.

The power of Ryan Gosling.


No Avatar


my hero! xD

260 days ago


You would think a guy with 8 kids and a shrew of an ex would be a deal breaker but he seems to do ok.
Eva call me!

260 days ago


I don't understand I have new car-with bluetooth; I guess that is what it is...I programed my phone; I do not ever have to use my phone in my car, I just hit a button to answer...if I want to dial, I do have to dial, but that it at, after that...the car takes celebs don't buy or rent cars like this

260 days ago


She'd rather eat chicks than Ryan Gosling's a-hole

260 days ago

Christina G.    

Ryan Gosling is NOT the best looking guy on the planet. Not even close.

260 days ago

OH NO!    

Why would she drive a little old asian ladies car? Is she trying to hide out?

260 days ago


SMDH...They tow away Games car for being pulled over for the same thing....except he had expired tags, that is no reason to impound his car...

260 days ago

Black Adam    

Eva Mendes holds the title of having the ugliest ears on a Woman in Hollywood. Patricia Heaton comes in second, but she still drips sexiness . I applaud them for not having plastic surgery to change them.

260 days ago


Soooo on the same day Eva Mendes talks her way out of a ticket for talking on her cell in LA, and The Game is threatened with arrest, searched, and has his car impounded for talking on his cell in LA. Now it could be because she's a girl she got off without a ticket, but the contrast is pretty amazing...

260 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's because she's black.

260 days ago


Nice "Mom Car!" Now you just need to pull in to Marshall's and rock a pair of "Mom Jeans!"

260 days ago

News Flash     

She was pulled over because she's a woman. Jk

260 days ago


Ryan Gossling is hardly the best looking guy on the planet

260 days ago

The Universe    

She got pulled over because she looks like a Cuban tranny in full drag!

260 days ago


This makes me so mad that celebs get away with so much **** ! This bitch gets pulled over for talking on her cell phone and talks her way out of a ticket ...... A 500.00 dollar fine ! I get pulled over because I \ my husband forgot to have our van inspected , which he normally does , all the car stuff . And I get pulled over for a expired sticker and get hit with a 113.00 fine and have to pay it ! My husband was so busy with getting ready for a school , a possible deployment ! He fogot ! I forgot ! I told the officer it was a simple mistake and he still gave me a ticket ! I even had the car inspected the next day and still had to pay the fine ! BUT SHE DOES SOMETHING TOTALY ILLEGAL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT ! I HATE THAT THAT CELEBS. GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING ! What does this say about our country ! Shame on her ! Shame on the police officer that pulled her over and shame on the one that did not give me a break for something less offensive ! She is very gross and should be fined the maximum amount and be treated like eveyone else , she has the money to pay for the ticket ! I sure the hell did not ! That was my oil bill ! I just want to cry I am so angry about this ! And Justin Beiber that is another one that got away ! Pot on a plane ? Drag racing ! I wish I had the money not to worry ! I am so glad she can sleep at night ! I wish I could ! Must be nice to buy yourself out of reality !

260 days ago
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