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Jay Leno

NBC Quickly Wipes Away His Memory

2/7/2014 5:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-jay-leno-splash-sign-beforeNBC is already distancing themselves from Jay Leno ... by erasing his name off the side of the building where he shot "The Tonight Show."

The Peacock network sent a team of painters armed with rollers and a forklift to white-out Jay's billboard -- just ONE FRICKIN' DAY after he signed off for good.

Here's what's interesting ... Jimmy Fallon's moving the show to NYC, so the net's not really under a deadline to change the signage before Jimmy takes over the reigns. Guess they just wanted to let Jay know that this "goodbye" is permanent. 

Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is smiling.


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get real    

still miss Johnny Carson!

226 days ago

Angel in the house    

Jay is the absolute best. Fallon can't compare. I like Fallon but he sure isn't the same caliber as Jay. I don't think he will do as well as Jay. It is terrible ... If Jay got fired because of Obama jokes .... Maybe Obama shouldn't be so sensitive. Obama is so done. Time for him to go to Hawaii.

226 days ago


"Somewhere, Conan O'Brien is smiling."

Why? Conans' rating stank, he failed at that spot...obviously or NBC wouldnt have taken Leno back.
Conan likely has respect for Leno....

226 days ago


Hopefully Jay goes back to doing Doritos commercials. That was his real calling in life

226 days ago



Well, he is finally done. Master Jay said goodbye last night in one of the saddest and strangest goodbyes ever seen on television. Mr. Leno could not resist the temptation to take one final swipe at his employers, NBC, saying he didn't want to stick around "to be fired a third time". Mr. Leno, you could have left gracefully the first time (like you had agreed to) instead of putting on that dreadful puppet show The Jay Leno Show at 10:30 right before Conan OBrien's stint as Tonite Show host and stealing potential viewers of The Tonite Show in 2009. I think David Letterman said it best "When you agree to leave. You don't say "Okay guys, I'll be in the lobby...." Although Conan was ill-suited to hosting the Tonite Show , he was never really given a chance. Leno bombed horribly the first 2 years until interviewing hugh grant. Conan was given 8 and a half months to gain an audience. But enough has been said about Jay's backstabbing. What about his last show? Absolutely dreadful. We had Martha Stewart saying goodbye and adding in a videotaped statement "You didn't cheat on YOUR wife Jay..." in a completely shocking and tasteless swipe at Leno's foe Letterman. We had Billy Crystal do what seemed like a 10 minute monologue about Leno before finally sitting down and telling Jay how he (Crystal himself) is very funny. We had a parade of "stars" (Jack Black? Marky Mark Walberg?) and most pathethetically the talent-challenged kim kardashian attempt to sing in the most nasal voice heard since fran drescher (a ridiculous version of Sound of Music's Goodbye, Farewell) ) To wrap things up Jay almost brought the show to a standstill as he choked back the tears and then had garth brooks (of all people) sing to him. The crowd appeared to be somewhat dumbfounded when garth stopped singing and wanted the crowd to take over and sing the words to one of his "hits" long forgotten. Sorry Jay-but your show created too many enemies for there to be that many people sad to see you go. Ask Conan Obrien, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Howard Stern-what they think of how you conducted yourself during Conan's fleeting moment. Watch the movieThe Late Shift to see how Leno conducted himself when Carson was being asked to retire. Although I dont think Fallon has the chops to succeed, when he is asked to leave, I think that he will understand you leave-you dont create a bad smell that lingers for another 5 years until you are asked to leave again. Good bye Leno and good riddance! Somewhere Johnny Carson is shaking his head over the slow destruction of his show. Time to watch Kimmel.

226 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wow. leaving behind no traces of your existence, wha, hollywood? they just wipe you off with a cheap 99c store sponge, and fill up you space with another disposable, right? i mean when someone's work lasted even long after they died or were gone? not this hollywood. this hollywood is about wiping you away, never existed, when they have wrung even the last bit that was left of you. what a sick and mentally vicious industry. i would not want to know what hollywood's death toll is. and i am not talking about the 'ones we hear about' see most recent: walker, hoffman, monteith, etc. i am talking about those just thrown in the garbage, onto the dumps from the get go. any numbers to list, big hollywood execs? got a body count?

226 days ago

Bossy Potato    

I hate jay Leno. Good riddance.

226 days ago


Billy Crystal is a yappy little dog who never stops barking.

226 days ago


Comcast/NBC will soon find out as they did with Conan that the new guy is not right for the Tonight Show. They want to make it a younger person's show and can't. Plus moving it to New York is a bad move. NBC will be calling Jay in 8 months begging him to come back.

226 days ago


Awe that makes me sad...Jay may not have been hip. But he was a staple for most of america's life. I wonder how long it took them to remove Carson from the show

226 days ago


I see no problem whatsoever with this! It's a business. The sign wasn't a memorial! People need to move ON! The"store" is closed! Take down the sign!

225 days ago


Jay Leno will be missed. NBC will REALLY miss him. Lots of comedy to come and not the kind NBC wants.

225 days ago



225 days ago


Fallon is going to flop big time. NBC deserves everything that is getting ready to happen to them.

225 days ago


How ridiculous. It's pilot season. They're prepping the stage for a new show to build it's set and and shoot. Come on guys.

225 days ago
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