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Justin Bieber

Prosecutors Desperately

Want GF to Turn on Him

2/7/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Justin Bieber Miami Beach misdemeanor DUI case are hunting down witnesses across the country ... including Bieber's own girlfriend ... in an attempt to nail him.

Sources connected with the investigation tell us ... investigators have been hounding Chantel Jeffries and her friends and relatives, trying to get her to sing like a bird and incriminate the Biebs.

Sources in the State Attorney's Office tell TMZ ... it's not unusual for them to go on the hunt for witnesses, even though this is a routine DUI misdemeanor case. 

But here's what we know.  If they get to Chantel, she's not going to help their case.  We're told she is clear -- Justin did NOT drink or smoke weed in the club before getting in the Lambo.  She also insists the drag racing claim is total BS -- that they never went faster than around 40 MPH.

TMZ broke the story ... prosecutors have problems with the case.  First of all, cops claimed Bieber reeked of booze in the car and when he was at the station, but he registered an imperceptible .014.  And as for the drag racing claim ... the GPS readout shows the max speed at 44 MPH, and during the so-called drag race he was going 27 MPH -- below the speed limit.

So we gotta ask ...



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Why do you make it seem that the .014 BAC is no big deal? The douchebag is UNDER 21, anything above .000 is a DUI. Plus you can get a DUI for being high on drugs or pills. Its diving under the influence. That doesn't mean just booze. It means under the influence of anything illegal.

222 days ago


thank you for supporting Justin TMZ and the millions of loyal followers who comment on each story about Justin. .i understand everyone who has commented on a Justin story on here is a loyal fan. thank you. buy his music and merchandise

222 days ago

Nicole Dones    

why are you guys alway*****ting Justin? can you stop posting ridiculous rumors not only about Justin but all the artists that you've been talking **** to? coz you guys ain't the top ****.

222 days ago


That girl is desperate and after fame and money. She is not going to willingly turn on him. She's looking for 18 years worth of money from him.

222 days ago


Wtf why are they saying no in the ****en voting wtf

222 days ago

William Foresman    

They're trying real hard to put him in jail to teach him a lesson because he has more money than all of them combined. Clearly he has some growing up to do but this is a bit much.

222 days ago

Good Morning    

puh-lease. This is harrassment. I cant stand this little punk much like most of America, BUT, this is harrassment IMO.

Yeah, he is creating havoc back in Cali and everywhere else he goes, but that doesnt make it right to hold that against him. If he wasnt famous, the officers wouldnt be making such a big deal. They never find anything when they searched his plane either. give it up!

Again, just want to state yet again, I loathe this arrogant SOB, I just dont think he is being treated fairly especially when all the evidence contradicts the charges.

222 days ago


You guys throw the GPS readout thing around like it's gospel.... Naturally the rental company will have the readout say anything they want to in order to support their client... If Bieber stiffed them on the money, it woud say hw was doing 210.....

222 days ago


Are they looking in Africa, Asia, and so on to produce witnesses to save their crooked ass?

222 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm sure that even if it can't be proven the word of a stripper/prostitute would be all that is needed for charges and conviction. mmm hmmm.

222 days ago


If they want her to flip just offer her a reality show.

222 days ago


I Haven't Had So Much Fun
Since Wacko Jacko Kicked
The Bucket.

Same Rabids,Different Hero....Er...Zero.

222 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Throw enough money at her and the for-rent-whore will sing all night long!

222 days ago


Y Is Justine believer is racing hello it is called a DUI I think he needs to go to jail for 10years to make sure They are bunch of bold What a woes person he is. Bastard

222 days ago

jeebus chris    

Well, so far, his big American crime spree seems to be driving while not impaired, drag racing below the speed limit, and throwing eggs at a house. Oh, and he smokes pot. Not exactly Charles Manson.

222 days ago
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