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Justin Bieber

Selena's Not Lovesick ...

She's a Drunk

2/7/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is scoffing at Selena Gomez, telling friends she has no one to blame but herself for her addictions ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with daily Bieber contact tell TMZ ... Bieber and his friends are laughing at Selena's "bad influence" claims, because they say she's always the drunk at the party.  Bieber acknowledges he gets wasted, but whenever he had parties Selena was downright competitive ... smoking as much weed as the guys and sometimes outdoing them.  They say she was also HEAVY into booze.

We're told Justin believes Selena's parents are behind the blame game, because they HATE him.  He thinks they are fueling Selena's anger and making him a scapegoat.

Justin says he's happy he's no longer with Selena because she's just too high maintenance ... and out of control.



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What happened to him? Honestly I don't like his music but as a musician myself if I ever got as big as him I wouldn't want the fame to change me into this horrible person. He used to be just an innocent kid who loved to sing and now he acts like a total degenerate. You break up with your ex girlfriend find but gossiping about her shows lack of character. I remember a kid who once said "I don't believe in sex without love". Justin Bieber let fame change him. Take that with a grain of salt you "beliebers".

236 days ago


Sounds like he is just bitter she has moved on. smack talker, betty crocker

236 days ago


And she has the balls to go to rehab. So she still out mans you. Haha. I mean she did quit after a few days but hey at least she went.

236 days ago

jeebus chris    

Don't believe anything anonymous "sources" supposedly said. Gossip's big business, but it's usually bull.

236 days ago


I believe Justin is right.. At least he's admits his wrongs and problems. I've never held a gun to anyone forcing them to drink or smoke.. We all been in love we all know the ups and downs it can bring. But blaming someone for your own actions. Please Stop your BS Selena.. I'm not Justin's biggest fan but I do think he's right about taking responsibility for you're actions.. If he forced her why wait till now to say anything? We all know that's not true.. Soo stand up be a grown up and just admitt you like most young stars fell in the life of SEX,DRUG'S AN ROCK"N"ROLL.. Just be Responsible enough to admitt IT..

236 days ago


I cant believe I am the only one noticing this. Who goes to rehab for being lovesick??? Think ppl. I do not defend Justin however I do not like fake ppl. Let us go over their history. Before Justin, Selena was a simple disney fan with moderate fame. Then she hooked up with this guy and now every one around the world knows who she is. Lets be real here ppl. She cant act cant sing, she was Justin GF. Then they broke up and it was all about poor lil girl here poor lil girl there. Meanwhile she was ad mouthing Justin left and right . But Justin was mum, and he asked his team not to bad mouth her, "allegedly". And pay attention, everytime her name was not in the news, a picture of her and Justin together would surface. She would fly all over kingdom come to go meat him and spend some time with her. So her name can be in the news again for a couple of months. But then she would leave him a bad mouth him again. So she was just playing with this guys feelings. Now everyone is on Justin's case....but look at it this way. This guy has A LOT OF MONEY. He's still a kid with no parental guidance what so ever. What do you expect he will do???? Wouldnt you in his shoes.....And now all of a sudden this girl goes to rehab for heartbreak.....HEARTBREAK!!!!! For the love of all that is sacred am I the only one who realizes that this is just anothet ploy for everyone to feel sorry for her. And what is the logic thing to do......blame it on Justin. And notice that its not Justin saying these thing its his friends....cause if you look at it. Really look at it....they are probably right. Who goes to rehab for heartbreak at that age and leaves after 2 wks....what you got over the guy so quickly? Crash rehabbing??? Bitch please, get over your self. Because you are just sooo sad, so highlariously sad!!!@ (sorry if I have some grammer and or spell mistakes English is still my 4th language)

236 days ago


Why does it look like she has a mustache in that pic?

236 days ago

david 183    

She was quick to put him down thinking the spot life would be off of her. Didn't work buddy. Now he just blew up her spot and it sounds very credible. A lot of girls always try to be the life of the party and drink everybody under the table. Sounds like. She was the one under the table. He stills has a lot of growing up to do but he would probably do it before her. Being that she does her crap on the sneak.

236 days ago


Wow and he proposed to her like 3 times? And this is how he handles her turn downs?

236 days ago


Wish these kiddos would take responsibility for their own actions. Must be nice to not have to own up to anything or anyone.

236 days ago


Didnt he post a pic of them together saying he loved her before his arrest. but hes happy they arent together?. gosh that kids the worst!

236 days ago


I always stated this women is a pig and a druggie and a drunk. Looks like I was correct.

236 days ago


SHAME, SHAME on you Justin. You are not a gentleman because they never talk about there girlfriends before or after the break up. Now you know that the only girls who will date you. Only want you to talk about them for publicity. You turn in your mother for giving you prescription pills and now your ex-girlfriend. Your mother should really be so happy that your are here son. Who turns everyone in.

236 days ago


Two immature brats out of control.

236 days ago

China Alessi    

These celebrities need to get over themselves

236 days ago
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