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The Game

I Was Pulled Over Because I'm Black!

2/7/2014 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-the-game-copsPolice just pulled over rapper The Game in L.A. and searched his brand new Rolls Royce -- and Game is NOT happy ... claiming he was nabbed for DWB -- Driving While Black.

Game tells TMZ, police pulled him over for talking on his cellphone ... but he insists he wasn't. Game says he was ordered out of the car and police searched it without permission.

Game says officers were blunt  ... if he didn't let them search the car, they'd arrest him.

According to the rapper, once all was said and done -- and the officers came up empty -- they cited him for expired tags and impounded the Rolls.

Our cop sources insist it had nothing to do with race -- claiming Game WAS a cell phone scofflaw  ... and the search was a matter of protocol before impounding the car.


No Avatar


Is he a little person? He can barely see over the steering wheel.

221 days ago


Most people who buy these do rims etc right away like same day no tint basic rims looks like a rental

221 days ago


Every black person is pulled over because they are black.

221 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Dude your color had nothing to do with it. Your cell phone and expired tags were the reason.

221 days ago


Isn't this the dude who has a picture of thug Trayvon Martin on his leg? The 5'11" / 17 year old who was beating the crap out of a man ....?? And to his (Trayvon) surprise -- the man he was beating up had a gun and protected himself..


But this guy -- "The Game" -- decided to ink himself with the man who was assaulting a stranger???


Suck it up, The Game.. You had expired were talking on your cellphone.. ANYONE would get pulled over for the same thing, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation..


Grow up and go get take of your expired tag issue..

221 days ago


if he was pulled over cuz his black then why were his tags expired ? cuz his not white? or maybe cuz he thinks his better than everybody else n he doesn't need to renew his tags?.. the cops knew his tags were expired b4 they pulled him over..
- You know Game cops have this little thing called COMPUTER (look it up) n they can run ur dumb ass through it b4 they pull u over

221 days ago


Yeah, I'm an American-Hispanic and I got pulled over by a polite Japanese American cop too, I was speeding, I admit it. I don't pull off this victim "driving while black" type race card crap. Game, who ever you damned are, take your punishment and move on, you have way more money than I do.

221 days ago


How does one have a new Rolls Royce AND expired tags? With all of the paid staff and hangers on these rappers, sport stars and celebrities have, you would think someone would visit the DMV now and then!

221 days ago


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm so sick of the powice always puwwing me over cause I'mma black. How bout you got pulled over because YOU DESERVED TOO. You had expired tags you stupid ****ing ******. Get back in your car, make more terrible "music" and hopefully die pretty soon.

221 days ago


Another day of police chit. Cant trust the police at all

221 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

How do the tags expire on a brand new car? And do all cars that get impounded get searched? Why? That sounds like the perfect way to get around the probable cause rule.

221 days ago


If he was an illegal oops undo***ented resident of LA they would have let him and his car go.....

221 days ago


Liars! Searched it to start trouble and possibly try o plant something. This has got to stop!!!! Dont stop calling them out on this. Go find a rapist or killer or illegal.

221 days ago

Thizz √$    

Dude you had bad tags on your car ! Nothing to do with Color , why go there ?

221 days ago


LOL, pay your registration! You're driving a Rolls with expired tags! That is hysterical and ghetto at the same time. And yes, you are driving DWB. I know that car comes with blue tooth you idiot! Game Over!

221 days ago
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