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The Game

I Was Pulled Over Because I'm Black!

2/7/2014 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-the-game-copsPolice just pulled over rapper The Game in L.A. and searched his brand new Rolls Royce -- and Game is NOT happy ... claiming he was nabbed for DWB -- Driving While Black.

Game tells TMZ, police pulled him over for talking on his cellphone ... but he insists he wasn't. Game says he was ordered out of the car and police searched it without permission.

Game says officers were blunt  ... if he didn't let them search the car, they'd arrest him.

According to the rapper, once all was said and done -- and the officers came up empty -- they cited him for expired tags and impounded the Rolls.

Our cop sources insist it had nothing to do with race -- claiming Game WAS a cell phone scofflaw  ... and the search was a matter of protocol before impounding the car.


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How do you have expired tags on a brand new car? And who has the money for a car like that, but doesn't keep up with the tag.

260 days ago


Why oh they ALWAYS bitch & moan about the color of their friggin skin?????? Get over it, Game!

260 days ago


Amazing how ignorant white America has come. Racial profiling none fact, L.A.P.D are notorious for committing crimes against minorities a none fact.. you guys hide behind tmz and sprew hate against, but don't have the balls to say it to are face......

260 days ago


Since when does your car get impounded for expired tabs?! It's usually a warning or a ticket! I don't know if this was a profiling instance, but Driving While Black is a real thing people - you're obviously not black or don't have any black friends if you don't think the police profile black men on the road (esp. young black men or ones driving flashy cars)!!

260 days ago


I hear ya, game.. I was pulled over for being white when I got my last speeding ticket. Racist cops like to show up when we're breaking the law, huh?

260 days ago


If the car is brand new, how does it have expired tags? The temporary tag? Either way, that is a fix it ticket, not an impoundable offense. Effing cops.

260 days ago



260 days ago

jack johnson    

They can pull him over just for expired tags. Seriously, driving a rolls with expired tags LOL

260 days ago

who cares    

With the money he has he deserved having his car towed for expired tags, it's not like he is poor so no excuse for it... As far as talking on the phone they should start impounding peoples cars for talking on their cells. So game is saying he wasn't on his phone his tags were not expired and his car was towed because he was DWB.. Got it...

260 days ago


"**** the police"

260 days ago


UGH! THAT old bit....yeah yeah yeah start a petition and boycott against Goya for calling a particular variety of their beans "black" beans too while you're at it.

260 days ago

Nobody Special    

Expired Tags means 2 things, He has not paid the Taxes yet on the Car to get the Reregistration and if the car is not registered the Auto Insurance is no Good.

Law is the Law.

Pay your Taxes, get the Reg & Insurance, don't talk on the phone while driving.

Or are Celebs special? Do they get to break the Law while the rest of you don't?

Look at the Bright Side Game, Now you can write a new Rap Song about this And make another million, this way you can pay your Bills for the next expensive car you buy.

260 days ago

The Zombie    

He was on his cell phone AND he had expired tags, yet he bitches about being pulled over? What a moron. He was DUI! Driving While Idiot. Well, nobody ever said he was smart.

260 days ago


I was pulled over for being white a while back... It sucked

260 days ago


Stop pulling the race card, idiot. You got pulled over for DWBAI - driving while being an idiot.

260 days ago
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