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The Game

I Was Pulled Over Because I'm Black!

2/7/2014 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-the-game-copsPolice just pulled over rapper The Game in L.A. and searched his brand new Rolls Royce -- and Game is NOT happy ... claiming he was nabbed for DWB -- Driving While Black.

Game tells TMZ, police pulled him over for talking on his cellphone ... but he insists he wasn't. Game says he was ordered out of the car and police searched it without permission.

Game says officers were blunt  ... if he didn't let them search the car, they'd arrest him.

According to the rapper, once all was said and done -- and the officers came up empty -- they cited him for expired tags and impounded the Rolls.

Our cop sources insist it had nothing to do with race -- claiming Game WAS a cell phone scofflaw  ... and the search was a matter of protocol before impounding the car.


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Every time I see one of these articles, I begin to believe that it is simply media exploitation of the incident just to draw out negative comments to stir up controversy.

259 days ago


A black guy with a RR must be selling drugs. White cops are still living in the 50s.

259 days ago


im so sick of black people saying they get pulled over cause they are black if you dont do anything wrong you wount get pulled over whites dont say that dume **** every black person that sdays it is begging fot some attion thats all they are lazy and think we owe them .. news flash black people we dont owe you anythinging

259 days ago


How difficult is it to renew your license plates before they expire? This clown needs to grow up and quit feeling sorry for himself because he's black. What a dumbass….

259 days ago


I would have no problem being pulled over for being on my cell phone if cops obeyed the same law they enforce. I can't count the number of times I have seen an officer driving while on his/her cell phone.

259 days ago


Game needs a new game!

259 days ago


The abolition of slavery was a HUGE mistake. Until this very day, many blacks are still dependent and unable to take responsibility for their doing. The still behave like slaves . . .

259 days ago


This guy has no credibility.

259 days ago

boo boo    

I got popped by LAPD driving my toyota on expired tags while on my phone (3 years ago - yes I learned my lesson). The cops didnt threaten to search or impound my car. They gave me a ticket for the cellphone (not even a driving infraction, just pay $300) and let me go one the tags with a verbal warning. I'm a pretty white woman.

259 days ago


blacks always try and use the race card

259 days ago

Just stop    

I am SO tired of people using the "because I'm black" excuse. You obviously did something, admit it and get over's 2014.. These racist stuff is just out of hand and annoying

259 days ago


This drives me insane when comments like this are made. Especially since I'm in Law Enforcement the officer would have seen right away that his tags were expired. It was stated he was on the phone so right there gives a standard probable cause to stop the vehicle. So having committed 2 crimes should be over looked because he was black? Btw I'm in a interracial relationship & would have done the exact same thing. Spend 1 shift on the road & then comment..

259 days ago


Waaaah my rolls was impounded! Sorry, but if you drive a rolls, you will attract attention regardless if you are black, white, green, or albino. Try driving a VW (not yellow) and see how that works for you.

259 days ago


I'm banging Khloe Kardashian...because I'm black.

259 days ago

boo boo    

In the early 1990s I was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by LAPD for speeding on the 405. The driver was Hispanic with no criminal record and we went through the whole circus of putting our hands out the window as we exit the vehicle, then put them on our head, lie down face down. We were searched and cuffed while they emptied out the entire car (even removed the seats). They left EVERYTHING on the side of the fwy, wrote him a ticket and told us to have a nice day. Cops are human beings and some of them are crooked - not all, but some...especially in Los Angeles.

259 days ago
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