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UFC Star Thiago Silva

Arrested for Attempted Murder

Accused Wife of Affair, Shoved Gun in Her Mouth

2/7/2014 5:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

8:21 AM PT
-- The judge has THROWN OUT the attempted murder charges against Silva, claiming there isn't enough evidence to prove the UFC fighter ever intended to kill his wife, despite allegedly pulling a gun on her on multiple occasions and sending threatening text messages to her.

The judge explained, "It just seems if he wanted to shoot Mrs. Silva, he would've done it. He didn't do it."

Instead, Silva was hit with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm ... and the judge has decided to hold him in custody without bond.

Silva was not only deemed a flight risk, due to his connections in Brazil -- but the judge says there's a high risk he'll commit violence against his wife.

Thiago's lawyer had argued that his fighter was being unfairly judged because of his occupation as a UFC fighter -- saying, "There's an overreaction [with the charges] simply because the man, what he does for a living."

During the hearing, Silva's lawyer said the fighter is dead broke ... and desperately needs the paycheck he'll receive for his scheduled fight in Dallas at UFC 171.

However, UFC honcho Dana White tells TMZ Sports ... "This guy will never fight in the UFC again."

Silva's wife told police Thiago went nuclear because he suspected his wife was having an affair with MMA instructor Pablo Popovitch, who runs a jiu-jitsu center in South Florida. 

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, Thiago pulled up to Pablo's training center Thursday night ... pulled out a GLOCK and pointed it at his wife.

Thiago allegedly told his wife, "You have ten seconds to bring Pablo outside and if he does not come out, I will go in the gym and start shooting everyone."

Cops say the class was filled with 25 students at the time of the altercation.

Thiago's wife told cops Pablo raced out of the center to protect Silva's wife -- and that's when Thiago threatened to kill them both.  Pablo then raced inside the gym to call 911.  That's when Silva drove back to his home.

There's more ... cops say there was ANOTHER violent incident between Thiago and his wife on January 30 -- when he accused her of cheating on him.

Thiago's wife says he got so angry, he pulled out a silver revolver and shoved it into her mouth -- while threatening to shoot her. Thiago's wife eventually got free and obtained a restraining order against the UFC fighter.
fighter Thiago Silva was arrested Thursday night for attempted murder following a standoff with a SWAT team after he allegedly threatened people at a jiu-jitsu school and barricaded himself inside his home -- and we have footage showing the moment he was finally captured.

Cops in Broward County, FL say the incident began just before 8 PM, when Silva went to the school owned by famed instructor Pablo Popovitch.  Silva -- sporting blue board shorts -- allegedly threatened people there and then went back to his home.

According to police, Silva barricaded himself inside the home. The SWAT team arrived a short time later and surrounded the place as officials tried to get him to surrender. Silva finally gave himself up around 11:15 PM.

TMZ Sports has obtained video of Silva in the back of the cop car.  The photog asked him if he pulled a gun on his wife.  Silva responded no, adding, "She wants my house, she wants my money."  And then he says, "Just don't report this.  Can you do that for me?"


Once in the police station, Silva flipped off photogs as officers booked the fighter on 4 criminal charges -- 2 counts of attempted felony murder, one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and one count of resisting arrest.

The 31-year-old Brazilian-born fighter is 16-3 in the UFC -- and was expected to fight at UFC 171 in March. We're guessing that ain't gonna happen now.


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No Avatar


was one of my favorite fighters to watch. such a shame.

258 days ago

Heidi Lamonica    

Attempted murder for making threats, and then leaving without attempting to follow through on such threats? I'm not reading where he made an attempt to kill.

258 days ago


He got that Scary - Meann

258 days ago


His hoe ass skanky wife is probably cheating....he may have a point BUT how he went about this is all wrong... He should've picked a woman to beat his wife's ass.... For the right dollar amount he could've got a great deal.... Lol

258 days ago


man, what a talented fighter.... this sucks, because you really can't go around brandishing a gun threatening to kill people, but i think his heart was broken and he was hurt... if he wanted to kill his wife, if and when he had a gun in her mouth, he would've pulled the trigger if he really wanted to do it....
i like the ufc but i get a douche-tastic vibe from dana white nowadays, like his head had gotten too big... remember when he said women would never fight in the ufc?

258 days ago


WHAT?? Are you serious? Another goon who makes a living bashing other human beings legally - because people somehow find it entertaining - turns out to be an irrationally violent person?? How can this be? And what?? Now you're telling me there is gambling going on in casinos too?

258 days ago


Pick up your **** and MOVE! Don't throw your life away!?!

258 days ago


Dana, Thank You for not allowing this trash back onto the ring. Judge, this is a dangerous man whose wife's life is in absolute danger. You better make the right fuking decision. Lock him up. Lady, if you value your life, get as far away from him as possible-

258 days ago


I heard that he went crazy after he found his wife was having an affair with Pablo, this is Thiago's wife Thaysa here http://fabwags.com/?p=19635

258 days ago

BB not bb    

Just to be fair this sounds like terroristic threats and that is it. That is a fourth degree felony carrying a maximum of seven years. They want to lock the door and throw away the key on this guy for some reason. The way the judge read the verdict it sounded like he was just toying with him.

He lose his temper because his wife was cheating on him. Doesn't Charlie Sheen mouth off like this to people nearly every day. This guy even though maybe the best fighter in the world, didn't physically harm anyone yet. It looked like the police roughed him up before taking his mug shot though.

I think this is a real shame. If he fled the country, wouldn't that be better than having to pay millions to keep this guy locked up for life and have to go through trial after trial? The justice system here is more like a sorting system where they decide who they want to keep as pets and who they don't.

258 days ago


he asked you nicely not to report this... ya'll dogs anyway.

258 days ago

kitten roulaine    

I would have divorced him for wearing a crop top alone.

258 days ago


Call Lyoto Machida for help. He knocked this dude out cold!!!

258 days ago

A J Mclamb    

He should not have been released. Its only a matter of time before someone like this acts on these types of threats!!

258 days ago

boo boo    

POS JUDGE!!! If he wanted to shoot her he would have done it already.....but lets hold him w/o bond because he might shoot his wife. NO JUSTICE FOR WOMEN!! Dana, please take care if this pathetic excuse for a fighter...you know what I'm talking about...wink wink.

258 days ago
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