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Clint Eastwood

Saves 200 lb Man

With CPR Airlift

2/8/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-clint-eastwood-tmzClint Eastwood didn't know jack about CPR when he noticed a man who appeared to be choking to death ... but Dirty Harry took care of business ... repeatedly lifting the man in the air and squeezing the cheese out of him.

Clint was at a golf event in Monterey, CA at a golf tourney this week when he noticed the tournament director -- Steven John -- choking and not able to breathe. 

Clint told a local paper "I looked in his eyes and saw that look of panic people have when they see their life passing before their eyes.  It looked bad."

Now here's what's awesome.  Clint -- who had never performed the Heimlich in his 82 years of life -- came up from behind the 202 lb man, bearhugged him and threw him up in the air 3 times.

The pride of Wisconsin propelled out of John's mouth and all was good. 

Then they smiled and said cheese.


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She's baaaack    

Eastwood doesn't even know what month it is anymore. Have you ever tried to Heimlich anyone? Eastwood is so old and frail there is no way he was tossing a 200+ pound in the air and amazingly managed to dislodge what had blocked his airway. What a crock of shlt. He's old, he's irrelevant and he talks to empty chairs. Get over it.

222 days ago


**Jimmy Fallon and The Unsolved Mystery of The Tonite Show******

It remains an unsolved mystery why Jimmy Fallon-someone better known as delivering the fake news on SNL for a couple of years- was chosen to take over for Jay Leno. Johnny Carson, Jay 8 month stint with the the somewhat cartoonish Conan OBrien ....and now Jimmy Fallon?? It appears that the hosts have just gotten progressively worse since the days that Ed McMahon screamed into the mike " Heeeeeeeeres Johnny!" Industry bigwigs at other networks are so sure of Fallon's Failure that some are wondering if the plan is to kill off the Tonite Show all together. How could Fallon-who hosted a moderately successful show at 12:35 am every week night (when most sane people are fast asleep) make the jump to the Big Show?? The fact is ....he wont be able to. Nowdays with netflix, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc people are not watching TV anymore..and even less people will tune in to see someone (Jimmy Fallon) who actually asked Rolling Stone Keith Richards with all seriousness when he appeared on Fallon's show "When I was at your concert and you saw me in the crowd did that distract you??" Richards tried to hide his smile as he answered "No". Fallon....why in the world would Keith Richards be distracted if you were in the crowd Fallon?? Do you think you are such a big talented star that it would distract one of the greatest rock stars of all time if he caught a glimpse of you in the crowd?? Get over yourself Jimmy. You are in for a bigger disaster than Lindsay Lohan's last TV movie.

222 days ago


he did not do cpr, he did the heimlich manuever, where you dislodge whatever is stuck in the persons throat, get it right, or don't print it!

222 days ago


Clint is badass in real life too!

222 days ago

Larvey Heaven    

What a cheesy story....

222 days ago


Clint Eastwood is a real live superhero.

222 days ago


Clint is the man!!

222 days ago
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