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Dylan Farrow

Woody's Covering His Ass

He Molested Me

2/8/2014 7:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0207-dylan-farrow-splashDylan Farrow has fired back at Woody Allen, scoffing at his treatise of innocence and insisting he sexually violated her when she was a kid.

Dylan is clearly incredulous over Allen's claim the sexual molestation allegations were triggered by Mia Farrow's bitterness over his relationship with Soon-Yi.

Dylan told the Hollywood Reporter, "For 20 years, I have never wavered in describing what he did to me.  I will carry the memories of surviving these experiences for the rest of my life." 

As for Allen's claim he passed a lie detector, Dylan fires back, "In fact he refused to take the test administered by the state police -- he hired someone to administer his own test."

She also notes testimony in the Woody/Mia custody war in 1992 from babysitters who claimed to have witnessed inappropriate sexual behavior by Allen toward her.

As for Woody's claims that shrinks felt it was all made up, she reminds everyone the prosecutor felt there was probable cause to prosecute, but decided against it because Dylan was too fragile.

So you've heard both sides ... now we gotta ask:


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Woody Allen is a pedophile like Michael Jackson

255 days ago


Poor girl. That guy is not going to live much longer. Is he really going to let himself die a liar? He married and had a child/children with his adopted daughter! If that doesn't tell you how fuked up that guy is, i don't know what does!! Soon yi went along with the perversion, Dylan did not!!

255 days ago


I believe Dylan. Her story today is the same one as when she was 7. Only this time she's a grown woman and no one will confuse her. And she sounds very strong! Good for you, Dylan!

255 days ago


He took his daughter's virginity and then married her!!

255 days ago


Thanks for clearing up. That lie detector tid bit Dylan. Because his nincompoop supporters on here. Kept screaming. But but he took a lie detector test. What a s***bag!

255 days ago


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255 days ago


How about all three of them take lie Detector tests
Oh Woodie already did. Well, from comments he'd likely and willingly take it again

And Mia, oh you refused to take a lie Detector test! Aren't you the one at 19 stooped Frank Sinatra at 71?
Yes oh squeaky clean one, how about taking one now

And Dylan- bless your heart, perception does turn to truth, under a premise that your "mother" coaxed
But lie detector tests all around should clear up at least the ambiguities
And then public opinion can rest from being "just public opinion"

255 days ago


The more Dylan speaks of it, the less guilty Woody looks! Mia and her daughter are nut jobs!

255 days ago


Statute of limitations in New York for suing over sexual abuse is age 18 plus 5 years, or age 23. Why didn't she sue him? She's full of talk, but fails to pursue the criminal case against him and then fails to file a civil case. Makes you wonder why not when she seems so intent on bringing this up every five minutes.

255 days ago


Didn't Michael Jackson and Jerry Sanducky said they loved children. They said there was nothing wrong in that. Pedophiles have distorted view of their love for children and believes no one understands them. Woody Allen has a twisted view in life and love he'd shown in the past. I firmly believe his lawyer made they careful edit this letter so that of none his words slipped him up like MJ and JS had done in the past.

255 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

Woody was probably molested himself.
We need to stop these curses.
Grow a spine Woody, confess and become christian at the same time. Jewish stubbornness will only betray you.
Be washed in the light of truth.

255 days ago


I'm inclined to believe her. It sounds sick, but it seems when things went south with her, he moved on to the other adopted daughter and we all know how that worked out. I remember reading about all of this years ago and never understood why nothing ever happened Woody Allen. Then again, I don't understand why people kiss up to him as much as they do already. Seriously though, they were going to prosecute but the girl was too fragile?? so letting him get away with it was supposed to what? Make her less fragile. Having to live her whole life knowing that he got away with it was supposed to make her better? The man started having an affair with his adopted daughter when she was like 15 years old and people don't think he molested this adopted daughter too? Odd.

255 days ago


To those who weren't born yet or are too young to remember all of this as it played out, Mia Farrow has always been flaky and all over the spectrum with her behavior, sometimes changing with the wind. She has issues. In addition, people in the business of evaluating children when there are allegations of sexual abuse would be able to tell, in most cases, with a level of certainty, whether the abuse actually occurred. In this case, the group at Yale was very certain. I feel truly sorry for Dylan, as she's been abused, but by her mother not her father. Her "memories" are not real, but this is not uncommon for people who went through what she went through with her mom.

255 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He said, she said and she said and the rest of them said ... Sadly, there is a very good chance that poor woman was sexually molested and even raped as a child but her mother is such a nut case it gives rise to question. In this whole thing the only innocent one here is the poor child who became Dylan Farrow. I hope she finds peace on her own because she won't find it in her still-toxic family.

255 days ago


He's gross and just because he says he loved her doesn't mean he didn't molest her. He's a pedophile to the core of his rotting body.

255 days ago
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