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14-Year-Old Bieber

RAPS About Penis

And He's Got FLOW

2/8/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A glimpse into what could have been -- a 14-year-old Justin Bieber dropped some bars on a hip hop track ... rapping about his penis before even hitting puberty ... and it's shockingly awesome.

It was the early days, a high-pitched moppy-haired Bieber and a few rapper friends were in some studio -- and Bieber threw down over Asher Roth's "Cannon" beat -- dropping lines like, "Hey my young, wanna have some fun? You can play with my cannon."

Even then, the douche level registers -- Bieber's entire verse is pretty much about getting girls to touch his penis -- but what is amazing -- and it pains us to say  -- he actually has sick, sick flow. You gotta hear it.

Bieber gave us a taste of his rap talents during a 2011 radio interview ... but now we know, Bieber's had spitfire ever since he was a wee lad.

Sources tell TMZ, Bieber actually wanted to pursue a rap career ... but manager Scooter Braun dissuaded him, convincing Bieber the real money was in pop.

Probably true ... but a future for Bieber in the rap game isn't out of the question -- in fact, sources tell us, Bieber was in the studio just this week with Diddy, Rick Ross, and Jermaine Dupri.


No Avatar


Yo I'mma let you finish, but Justin Bieber has the illest flow of all time. #greatwhitehope #eminemwho? lol. Lord have mercy. I thought the whole crossover to rap thing was a joke, but I can see someone is serious.

228 days ago


I didn't listen but if I was hung like a field mouse I wouldn't rap about it.

228 days ago


What can you say? He wants the D.

228 days ago


Justin Bieber is an example of a kid who had it all and pissed it away. He's responsible for his own actions and should man up and take the consequences.

228 days ago


Sounds like sh! T but whatever floats your boat douchey TMZ staff. Sounds like Minnie Mouse.

228 days ago


Wow. That is not ok... Cannon???

228 days ago


No restrictions. No rules. No parenting. All in the name of everyone CASHING IN on this little twit, and he just doesn't see it.

228 days ago


finally nothing **** about him, hes amazing !!

228 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Capital SUX balls!

228 days ago


I have a serious question - why does he always take his shirt off in clubs?

228 days ago


This kid is pathetic. Another girly boy.

228 days ago


beautiful just beautiful. i am so proud. buy his music. you can hear his beautiful voice.

228 days ago


Ok, so Justin is not only ruining it for responsible weed smoker's and giving weed smoker's a bad rep., he's also gonna destroy rap!! I don't listen to rap, I am not from that background, so I really don't understand it. Mind you some of the lyrics I have heard that my kids have shared are "dope" and mean a lot to some folk who actually are from the hood, and experienced the "struggle". He's just "processed talent" and if he brings other real rappers dough because he still has a fan base than they too will chew him up, tell him how great he is, fool the public and then spit him out. Unless, he self destructs himself with the crap he pulls. Get humble man, be respectful. . . .I don't care if your 19. With great wealth comes great responsibility. Want to listen to decent music and see talent look at Motown!!! Listen to anything from the 60's. And not all music you hear on the radio is of substance. Go to the colleges in this country, those who play because they just love music, without the fame and glory. . . there's a lot of great music out there that we just don't hear!! Peace!

228 days ago

Hell's Belle    

I was listening thinking "how weird he did a rap with Nikki Minaj". Then after about 30 seconds of hearing that voice I realized that wasn't Nikki Minaj...

228 days ago


I think his flow is pretty weak... I think I rap better...

228 days ago
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