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'Golden Sisters'

If Bieber Were Mexican


2/9/2014 7:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020714_golden_sisters_launchOne of the "Golden Sisters'" has a strong point ... if Justin Bieber were Mexican, authorities would have deported his ass faster than he could say "bebe."

The OWN Network stars yapped about Bieber's recent legal dramas in a new video ... and "Golden Sister" Josie dared to make a south-of-the-border argument.

Just last year 241,493 Mexicans were deported from the United States -- making Mexico the leading country for deportation ... Canada was nowhere near the top of the list.

The "Sisters" say Biebs should be shipped back home.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Get real people, the Government will not deport Justin Bieber they need the money to pay back China for the war in the Middle East that Bush had China pay for. Just look at the IRS and the money owned them by MJ, "700M" as long as you pay the government your there friend and up to this point in time Bieber has no issues with the IRS.

258 days ago


Being a invited guest to the US does not give u the right to break laws even if ur famous so comments about him being legal is a stupid one

258 days ago


These woman are so funny

258 days ago


Besides full blooded natives americans mexicans are the closest thing to native americans the real immigrants are European invaders

258 days ago


Why are you all such haters?? He's just a kid leave him alone! How would you ***gots feel if you had the whole world hating on you?

258 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

maybe take your own mossad asses back to israel, then you don't have to worry about who we deport and who we don't. we don't need 10 million home depot mexicans standing on street corners for unregistered and ominous jobs. but thanks for informing us of our immigration/visa politics. dumb old hags. excessive numbers of illegals are what make and amplify other misdemeanor and even infraction behaviors that would usually go unnoticed.

257 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

in other words: arrest, dispel and deport all mossad agents and operatives from american land. get the mossad out of america. they are fuqn killing us citizens, they are killing them with drugs, heroine, alcohol, poisoning, murder and so on and so forth, by social extermination, mobbing, killing us citizens and the government will not apprehend or stop them. expel and kick out all mossad operatives. they are operating in murdering us citizens.

257 days ago


the 10% voting no are the Canadians

257 days ago

Elizabeth M    

I don't want Justin deported back to Canada. I am a Canadian, and he is too much of a jerk now.. He need's to be kept over in the United States and taught how to respect the law's and the people in the U.S.

257 days ago

Kelly Rollins    

Illegals get deported...Beiber at least has a Green Card! Beiber doesn't steal cars, run from hit & runs, or commit violent crimes like home invasions...sorry egging a house doesn't count in this category. But his actions could cost him his ability to be in the USA legally. THESE GOLDEN BITCHES ARE CLUELESS!

257 days ago


The only people who want him deported are envious men and brain washed women. Society destroyed Justin by ridiculing him non stop and now you blame innocent others. Clean up your own mess you all know what you did to Justin. If Amanda Bynes didn't go to jail for her DUI along with a hit and run, and if Kayne hasn't been to jail for his countless assaults, and Kevin Hart didn't go to jail for his DUI...yet you all went Bieber deported SMH half of the stuff Justin has been accused of has been proven false. There are plenty of other petitions u could have signed like wanting him to go to rehab BUT no u want destroy him and then get rid of him that's why America is f-ed up and countless suicides happen daily. CLEAN UP THE MESS YOU IGNORANT PEOPLE MADE IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

257 days ago

belieber forever.    

shuuut up stupid old women's -.-

257 days ago


Love these ladies and totally agree with them!!

257 days ago


Yes, deported.When you break laws in the U.S. and you're not a citizen deportation can result.

257 days ago


Mexico won't have him cause the cartels determine ransom by what they cut & measure then send to his relatives. Bieb's TWO INCH penis will bring in only two million - not worth it

257 days ago
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