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'Golden Sisters'

If Bieber Were Mexican


2/9/2014 7:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020714_golden_sisters_launchOne of the "Golden Sisters'" has a strong point ... if Justin Bieber were Mexican, authorities would have deported his ass faster than he could say "bebe."

The OWN Network stars yapped about Bieber's recent legal dramas in a new video ... and "Golden Sister" Josie dared to make a south-of-the-border argument.

Just last year 241,493 Mexicans were deported from the United States -- making Mexico the leading country for deportation ... Canada was nowhere near the top of the list.

The "Sisters" say Biebs should be shipped back home.

So, we gotta ask ...


No Avatar


It's clear that the 10% of ppl who said Bieber shouldn't be deported to canada are Canadians

167 days ago


I love these ladies .... Jst to kick it wit them would b fukken funny

167 days ago

Jacob Yambrick    

Of course no one likes him anymore, he's a ****y douche bag. But unlike Mexicans, he contributes to the economy, not leaches off if it. Let him blow his cash in the states and crawl back home when he's broke.

167 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He's got money and lot's of it. So I'm pretty sure there's gonna be some people in the higher ups that ain't afraid to make an offer to make it all go away.

167 days ago


I didn't know that america is doing so damn good recently since its folks don't mind the lack of taxes that comes along with Bieb's deportation.
Americans are hypocrite a**holes at its best. Congrats to you, hillbillies

167 days ago


Will you all SHUT UP! about Justin! OMG it's every second, minute, and hour about Justin. Leave him alone! He's going through his teenage/adult stage right now! We all went through it too! Why is everyone so worried about his life?! He didn't kill anyone or committed a crime! Everyday there are rumors about Justin and not one website can keep their story straight. Ever since the incident in Miami, Florida, everyone has been attacking him! He wasn't racing, didn't kill! He admired to the cops what he did, but everything the cops said was a LIE! Leave him alone because if the incident never happened, no one would write a pension to the White House telling them to deport him. He didn't commit a crime to deport him. It's freedom of speech on your pension, but no reason to deport him. Everyone only sees the negative side of him, but never see the positive! Everything about him on the news is negative never positive! He has done so much and everyone gathers on top of him acting like he's a criminal! This deporting is getting out of hand and it needs to stop! It's pathetic! You don't know what he's going through because the only person who knows his HIM! Let him breath and let him live his life, because maybe if the media would stop always following him, you would see Justin come back to the person he was and is trying to become again, but we're not able to see it because of all this negativity. And you cannot compare Mexicans to this situation, because some Mexicans come to USA with no visa or anything! It is a total different situation! If anyone has anything to say, please feel free to comment back because I' am not against Justin as you can see. I' am against all the negativity, rumors, and rudeness everyone is giving him.

167 days ago


And these old ladies need to shut up seriously. You already been through his stage years ago. Go to bed

167 days ago


I try not to judge the kid. If I was his age, with his money, and his fame, if be doing the same thing. Actually, I DID do the same thing. Without the money or the fame.

167 days ago


that is so not unfair to justin bieber Bering him back Canada will only make it worse for him

167 days ago


This lil wiener will have cause bodily harm before he's deported, hope it's not ur kid.

167 days ago

BB not bb    

Who are these people and why would I care? Are they dining at the senior nutrition project? They have nothing better to do than gossip and be self righteous. Maybe if they set better examples and did more to help younger people, there wouldn't be so many younger people messing up their lives.

The bigmouth in the middle just kept yelling about everything. Are these people actually stars? They give me a headache and a stomach ache.

167 days ago

steven vale    

can't understand normal thinking sometimes. get it. any idea how much money his concert's generate. you want to take that money away from stadium workers. because he threw eggs at a house. too funny.

166 days ago


Whaaaaat? If Bieber came here ILLEGALLY he'd be deported. Don't get that though, do you?

166 days ago


This is a stupid point! Why wouldn't we want him to spend his money here and pay taxes here? It's all about money and not about you people full of feeling and emotion

166 days ago


Maaaaan but on the other hand if Justin was deported that kid would flip shyyyyyt. After a year he'd miss America and our plethora of activities for rich people. That kid would lose it! He'd probably try to sneak back in! Think about that... Border patrol finding some kid in the trunk. OH SHYT it's justin bieber

166 days ago
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