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Jamie Foxx

Trayvon Martin 2 Years Later

We Won't Forget

2/9/2014 7:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0208-jamie-foxx-trayvon-martin-splashIt's been almost 2 years since Trayvon Martin was killed, and Jamie Foxx made it clear Saturday ... it's still fresh in his mind.

Foxx -- along with members of Trayvon's family -- attended a peace walk in Miami benefiting the foundation Martin's parents founded in their son's name back in 2012.

The 46-year-old actor has been outspoken about the shooting, and his campaign marches on ... Fox will be speaking at a remembrance dinner tonight -- just days after what would have been Martin's 19th birthday.

We're guessing he's happy the Zimmerman fight was 86'd.



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The blatant ignorance and racism that is being blasted would be astounding if the people behind it actually had a brain.

Your hatred is blinding you and the reply's to that hatred is blinding those who bother to respond. Trayvon Martin is dead, none of us really know what happened and can only go by what is printed in the media.

We do know that George Zimmerman killed him and we do know that he was tried for it and was found not guilty. We cannot change that, for those of you filled with hatred against Blacks its okay to feel that way its your life not ours.

For Blacks who are filled with hatred its still okay, its your life. To everyone else live your life. What someone else says or thinks really does not matter just live your life.

168 days ago


Im going to get a shirt that says F Trayvon Martin . The kid was nothing but a PUNK

168 days ago

JFoxx Is An Idiot    

Does Jamie Foxx wear a Jonathan Foster t-shirt? You know, the kid killed with a blowtorch.

168 days ago

JFoxx Is An Idiot    

Does Jamie Foxx wear a Jonathan Foster t-shirt? You know, the kid killed with a blowtorch because he was a 12-year old white boy.

168 days ago


And we can't forget how bad a actor you are, *******

168 days ago


Trayvon wouldn't be a thought in Jamie's head had it not happened. So, STOP trying to publicize yourself Jamie over the death of a no named thug. This also includes all the other actors, singers, etc....

168 days ago


Those who Defend Trayvon....... do NOT look at FACTS.

That's the problem with too many, forget 'Facts', base it on 'Emotion' instead of Logic.

How embarrassing, especially after all this time to 'Educate' themselves on the 'Facts'

Part of our media and society are Irresponsible and brain dead.

168 days ago


Fine, don't forget.. But please move on, it's getting really, really OLD!

168 days ago


He was out buying Skittles and Arizona Watermelon.... 2 of the ingredients needed in producing Lean. Read his Facebook posts where he talks about getting Codeine the 3rd ingredient. Drug Dealer yes.... Should have been shot.... No... He should have walked away, but one thing is now evident, he wasn't this wonderful innocent kid the media wants you to believe.

168 days ago


You know the sad thing is the stuff you know to be true that was said in court, by a whitness and they said it more than once. You mention it on here an someone wants to flag your comment as being racist when in fact its only repeating what the person said numerous times and came up in court transcripts. I would like to see all sides be able to vent with equality. One side can scream racism and people start to shake in their shoes, bend over backwards to calm a issue. The other side says racisim and nothing is done...NOTHING!

168 days ago


one would have to hit a teen age child pretty hard to knock the phone out of their hand and cause it to disconnect
btw that was the first strike/blow,
it was unexpected a.k.a. an ambush
from the childs stalker/murderer
R.I.P. Trayvon Martin
G-d Bless

167 days ago


During the 503 days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the George Zimmerman verdict, 10,865 African Americans were killed by other African Americans; Name one?

166 days ago


Remember who? No wait, who?

165 days ago
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