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Justin Bieber

Drove at Breakneck Speeds

Hours Before Arrest

2/9/2014 9:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber hit speeds of 136 miles an hour in his rented Lambo just hours before his arrest ... TMZ has learned.

We've now obtained the FULL GPS speed readout for the evening in question -- not just the period immediately surrounding the arrest. 

Check it out.  The GPS map corresponds to the readout.  At 1:23 AM Justin was on the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami Beach, heading toward the nightclub.  He was clocked at 108 MPH and within a minute he accelerated to 136 MPH.

The red line is from the readout -- the color appears when the RPM reaches an extreme limit.

Bieber arrived at Set nightclub at 2:27 AM, stayed an hour and then drove away.

Cops claim Bieber was drag racing, but the read shows otherwise -- in the middle of the so-called drag race, he was cruising at 27 MPH -- under the speed limit.

It's almost as if cops knew he was speeding on the Causeway earlier in the evening and were just waiting to make their move.0207-bieber-gps-club-tmz-sub


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Check it out. The GPS map corresponds to the readout. At 1:23 AM Justin was on the Julia Tuttle "Causeway in Miami Beach, heading toward the nightclub. Bieber arrived at Set nightclub at 2:27 AM, stayed an hour and then drove away."

222 days ago


This still does not prove he was not drag racing. ANYTHING can happen between the GPS readings that are TWO MINUTES apart. As for the 108mph & 136mph readings... Hope the car rental agency black lists him and his insurance company is taking note, so when he kills someone, they won't have to pay.

222 days ago


did you idiots miss this the first time you ran this same story with different GPS readouts.? Dumbass TMZ!

222 days ago


I can't wait for his Whitney Houston moment!

222 days ago

some guy    

If strip bars in Miami close at 2:00 a.m., sometimes you gotta go fast. Regardless, teh Biebs was never in this much trouble before his dad showed up. I heard about the two of them causing trouble together on a private jet. Methinks he's a bad influence on Justin.

222 days ago

The Zombie    

And if you fools had a Lambo, you wouldn't drive it fast?

222 days ago


At this point, who cares? TMZ...your news stories are boring! You still write about Michael Jackson! Boring!

222 days ago


He's a kid leave him alone!

222 days ago


The irony of all this, he doesn't care about being late to a concert but he speeds for future .

222 days ago



222 days ago


He is lucky he did not hurt someone or kill someone.

I wonder if he'd still be acting like a little thug pug smirking had he ran someone over or ran into someone and killed them.

And he thinks he has no problem?

How dare he think he can use a car as a weapon, and have no regard for the lives of others.

222 days ago


Hurry up so you can stop at the next red light. Such immaturity.

222 days ago


seriously who cares we have all speeded and he wasn't racing nor speeding when they picked him up he wasn't drunk so drop this **** already. The police sure love wasting the tax payers money on publicity stunts and thats all this **** is

222 days ago


So he was going 24 then 108 then 136 so you don't know what he was doing he could have just ha to speed up to pass another car, after all he slowed right down after that! Tmz stop posting this about Bieber half your web site is filled with him it's imbarassing bro! Tmz needs a life it's like all you do is watch over Biebers shoulder waiting for I'm to do something some what bad then add two million lies to it and twist up the storie! Oh and he's still a 19 year old kid leave him alone! And if you idiots at Tmz had a Lamborghini, you would not drive it fast "hell ya you would" so honestly leave the poor kid alone and stop making up these stupid fake stories, Jesus! No one gives a **** about you fake twisted up stories anymore! You website has become a joke!

222 days ago


I swear you people don't even read.

222 days ago
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