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George Zimmerman

Fight Back On ... But Without DMX

Claims New Promoter

2/10/2014 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Zimmerman's celebrity boxing match -- abruptly cancelled when the promoter pulled the plug yesterday -- is back on again ... promising to be a much bloodier event ... according to a promoter who claims to have taken over the fight. 

An online streaming service called says it secured the rights to a Zimmerman fight ... after the original promoter, Damon Feldman pulled out because of threats made against his kids.

FilmOn says it's gonna give the public what it wants -- blood -- and tells us DMX is out as the challenger because "much bigger names than DMX" want in.

The owner of FilmOn, Alki David, tells TMZ ... the fight will no longer be a celebrity boxing match... "this is going to be like Fight Club ... a very bloody event."  Alki says the fight will happen March 15 from a secret location ... and all profits will go to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

But TMZ has learned the resurrected fight is not yet a done deal -- we're told FilmOn is still negotiating with Feldman for the rights and nothing has been signed.

Feldman withdrew from the fight yesterday after he said he was bombarded with threats. One Tweet said, "Somebody should kill Damon Feldman's son and ask him would he put his son's killer in a celebrity boxing match."

Feldman says he'll reveal all tomorrow at a news conference.


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254 days ago

BB not bb    

What if they set it up so that by some miracle George wins the fight? Won't all the loonies go off and start rioting again saying that they want justice for Trayvon? If he loses, he is going to get hurt bad I think. If this is not a real boxing match but some fight club event, does that mean that there are no rules? They can hit below the belt, not wear gloves, and maybe even kick people? Who knows?

This sounds like a human **** fight or dog fight. It doesn't sound like a good thing to be involved in at all. George could have just been a gentle painter and people could have moved on. He is stirring the pot again getting involved in this.

Painting is a nice relaxing hobby. He should do more of that and try to destress, not add more stress to his life by fighting. He can't even fight. Imagine if the made Paula Deen have to get in a fist fight? It is almost the same thing.

254 days ago

arale norimaki    

If you believe it was self defense then you do not see it as murder. I happen to believe a 17 year old young man was murdered because a neighborhood watch person escalated a confrontation after he was told by the police dispatcher NOT to make contact with the person. I believe the victim was defending himself from an aggressive patrol person and was subsequently murdered for defending himself. If it was your child or someone you knew and cared about, you would have more empathy and want justice. George Zimmerman, the man who killed the unarmed teenager two years ago this month.. was made out to be a weakling during his second-degree murder trial. Remember how his former boxing coach testified that he “never got off shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag and learning how to punch.” Zimmerman now claims boxing as a serious avocation long before what he called “the incident.” Zimmerman should never have gotten out of his vehicle and chased the poor kid down. All Trayvon did was defend himself against a crazed, drugged, drunk man, women abuser, animal abuser, road rage, bully,pulling gun on people like a ups man. whom he did not know and who had no business accosting him.There's something wrong with a society where a black kid can't walk a few blocks to the store for snacks without ending up dead.

254 days ago


Sadly, some people seem to be confusing treyvon as an innocent victim. George should have done time for something. Not, murder.. but manslaughter at least. Then again I don't think the language of the law he fell under covers manslaughter. Anywho, both people had the ability to move about their lives and not get into a confrontation. Treyvon attacked him, simple as that. Therefore him being a fool and not knowing better caused his own death. His parents should have raised him better .

254 days ago


Why do you keep publishing rumors? Wait till you get facts before publishing. (And check out the facts first too!)

254 days ago


Lol...not gonna happen

254 days ago


"Celebrity" ? I guess as much as those vampire fame sucking Kardashians are…

254 days ago


I want to see Zimmerman fight Trayvon Martin's father Tracy

254 days ago


since when does a cold blooded killer
become a "celebrity'?

this is sickening.

254 days ago


I want to see Zimmerman fight Trayvon Martin's father Tracy

254 days ago

John Holmes    

Sick of the race card being played all the time. When blacks kill blacks(which happens ALOT) are they racist? Get over yourselves. You look more dumb commenting on nothing you know about more than sitting on your raggedy couches on the porch

254 days ago


Hmm.. let's see a shady a$$ fighter and and even more shady a$$ promoter, interesting... Well the only thing I really care about is this POS Zimmerman getting what he has coming to him!!!

254 days ago

Jules Destaing    

"Justin Bieber"

254 days ago


They should leave Zimmerman with DMX and add Kim Kow-rdashian to the fight so DMX can beat both clowns to a pulp!!!

254 days ago


Where's Don King when you need him? lol

254 days ago
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