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Justin Bieber

Smoking Gun in Egging Case

Surveillance Video

2/10/2014 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209-bieber-egg-getty-tmz-01The L.A. County District Attorney has surveillance video that should make it pretty easy to prosecute Justin Bieber for allegedly egging his neighbor's house ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... The L.A. County Sheriff's Department's recommendation to file felony vandalism charges focuses on 2 pieces of critical evidence:

-- Surveillance video seized during the raid at Bieber's house.  Our sources say ... the video shows Bieber in the vicinity of the area where the egging occurred at the time of the attack.  You don't actually see him throwing eggs, but he's there.  Sources connected with Bieber told TMZ earlier the video shows nothing, but that's NOT true.  The Sheriff's Dept. has given the video to the D.A.

-- A video obtained by TMZ in which you hear what sure sounds like Justin Bieber verbally going at it with the neighbor in the middle of the egging.  At one point you ever hear Bieber scream, "F*** you!  I got another one for you actually."  The video is too dark to actually see him.

In addition there are 2 eyewitnesses ... the neighbor ... who openly has beef with Bieber -- and his 13-year-old daughter.  The girl made a 911 call which our sources say matches the time Bieber was seen on the surveillance video.

The 2 videos make it almost impossible for Bieber to deny he was throwing the eggs -- it would be shocking if the D.A. doesn't file criminal charges.

The open question -- will the D.A. file the case as a FELONY or a misdemeanor?  The neighbor has submitted repair estimates totaling around $20,000.  If a vandal destroyed an expensive car the D.A. would probably view it as a felony.  The issue is whether the D.A. will appreciate that eggs can cause that much damage on an expensive home.

The D.A's decision should come down this week.



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It's an F'n egg, let it go. get him when he actually does something worth prosecuting.

254 days ago


When he is in jail his new boyfriend will love that he never has a shirt on.

254 days ago


Will the D.A. also take into consideration that this was someone's home, not just a house. You should be able to feel safe in your own home, even if it was just eggs.

254 days ago

Jack @ SimplyTheScoop    

Its completely clear with the video. This is good... upcoming bieber!!

254 days ago


... but back in the REAL world, where the LA ANYTHING has never managed to stop the Biebs from speeding through his neighbourhood, let alone anything else ....

Two videos - both of which are cir***stantial only - it'd be absolutely GOBSMACKING if they manage to file actual charges, let alone get a conviction. For all the Biebs has form, LA justice have an equally impressive record of never actually proving, prosecuting or ..anything, against this reprobate. YOU can't deport him cos in law, he's never done anything wrong. If I was a US tax payer, I'd be asking some very hard questions why that is. I'd also be scoffing at TMZ with yet another "they can't help but charge him, there's two flimsy bits of "evidence" out there" rubbish. In fact, vote your media out at the same time you vote out these useless officials who can't nail a 19 year old kid (so how do we think they go with any more serious crimes, huh?)

254 days ago

Jack @ SimplyTheScoop    

He is the real and upcoming Bieber!!
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254 days ago


Why can't Justin just man up, apologize and pay the damn $20,000 already and make this go away? We know he can afford it considering he "allegedly" spends that much on booze and drugs in a night out.

254 days ago

Eric Cartman    

I don't wish harm on no one, but I seriously would think the world would be a better place without this self-entitled alcoholic dipsh*t.

People have reached out to help him but he refuses to listen, so let him reap what he sows. He's responsible for his own actions as is any adult. Instead of racing down residential roads putting the LIVES of other people (REAL people with loving families who value and cherrish life, not tool induced, little imported Up North garbage) on the line maybe he should do his community a favor and go away peacefully on his very own without taking anyone down with him. Not only is he a ticking time bomb but he is also a violent, dangerous threat to his entire neighborhood. He's chosen his path and is exiting our reality ladies & gentlemen, accept it.

The only thing we can pray for is that he does it by himself. Like a man. Not a 12 year old girl that he comes across as. He's a broken down, shameless, selfish self-centered drug abuser so it wouldn't surprise me if he decides to take the lives of other people with him.

I applaud his addiction and I truly hope he allows his personal demons to lift him off our planet.

We all know this female will never grow up so let's just hope Justin Reaper will pop enough pills, smoke enough meth, and suck on Li'l Za's d*ck just one more time so we can all call it a day. I embrace patiently the moment it happens. It'll be like June 25th, 2009 all over again. Tick tock, tick tock. The curtain is quickly closing and this ain't no Eminem song. Can't wait to crack open a bottle of champagne once that day arrives.


254 days ago


Justin Bieber's "career" is over. Why? Because in this day and age of TMZ, facebook, twitter, 24/7 news once someone starts to get in trouble, things will only get worse. You can't stop a freight train, and Bieber's troubles are like a freight train out of control and you cant put the genie back into the bottle again. I expect a steady slide into obscurity followed by perhaps a couple of "best of" albums that bomb and then Biebs being found with a needle in his arm like Philip Seymour Hoffman surrounded by hookers and coke. So I would like to say RIP in advance. You will be missed-sort of-and may God have mercy on your soul Justine Beaver.

Troy S.
The Sandwich Islands

254 days ago


Actually a little time in prison just might save his life. Of course when you have that kind of money most people can be bought.

254 days ago


I'm not Bieber fan that for sure, C'mon Harvey, Dirty D, you know this tape won't stand up in court, you can barely see anything in it, but what I do hear is plainly is the neighbor (excuse the expression "egging him on:") Calling Bieber all kinds of names and exasperating the situation. If I heard on the tape the neighbor yelling Justin stop it, Hey Beiber knock it off I could believe the neighbor, but what I hear instead is something akin to a guy in a dunk tank. The neighbor is just as guilty as Bieber is. If I were on a grand jury and this tape was presented to me and the prosecutor was asking for felony charges, I'd laugh him right out of the jury room.

254 days ago


*******Justin Bieber: The Beginning of The End for a Pop Star That Won The Golden Ticket**********

Justin Bieber's career as a pop star adored by hundereds if not thousands of 7-12 year old girls is coming to an end. Not since Myley Ray Cyrus decided she wanted to become a singer have we seen such a complete brat. Ney, I do say, to watch Bieber's appearance on Letterman was to watch a "punk" of a kid with no manners and who brought the term "spoiled brat" to new levels. After 5 minutes of listening to Bieber repeat Lettermans questions in a condesending manner, David Letterman could not take it any more and literally grabbed the little heathen's arm and twisted it until Justin screamed in pain. From tossing fried eggs at a neighbours house to spitting on tops of his "fans' heads from a balcony to smoking pot and biting the nipples of strippers as his "friends" watched, justin makes the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford look like Saint Francis by comparison. It will be a dismal fall for the pint sized Pop Tart as his balls drop and his voice changes and he starts to get "some hair down there." The best career move for the little sawed off worm at this point is to fall into a volcano. Many people would like to push him.

254 days ago


Justin new name on instragram is Bizzle

Bizzle is a word often used by middle class European American youths just to 'ghetto up' their vocabulary but has no precise meaning. It is commonly used in Clarksville to describe a female.

254 days ago


It's beyond me why they even print these stories. You know good, and well, that they will do nothing to him. He ought to be deported. If they send any one to jail, they're there , long enough to get booked, finger printed. About 6 hours he'll be free. That part of the country is a joke a far as making someone do what a judge or jury says they will do. He just needs to be deported. That's the answer to an ass clown, like this kid. Prison in the general population...

254 days ago

Madelaine J    

It's actually funny if you think about it. JB is in serious trouble over egging a house! Lol. He's a little old for it but really? It's an adolescent prank! For those calling him an alcoholic...really? He's a kid! Don't you remember what is was like? If u had his kind if money, and his kind if job (basically he is on one big holiday right now) you wouldn't party? At 20?!!! Be honest!!!

254 days ago
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