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Univ. of Missouri QB

I 'Accept' Michael Sam

But I Don't Support Homosexuality

2/10/2014 5:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210_James-Franklin_Michael-Sam_gettyMichael Sam's college quarterback tells TMZ Sports ... he and other teammates "accepted" the openly gay football star during their time at Missouri ... but they don't "support" homosexuality.

We spoke with James Franklin -- who just completed his senior year at U of M and just like Sam, is expected to be selected in the upcoming NFL Draft.

"I don't drink.  I don't curse.  I don't support [homosexuality] -- but it doesn't mean I don't accept Michael," Franklin says.

When asked if he was supportive of Sam when he made his announcement in August, Franklin said ... "I wouldn't say supportive, but accepting.  A lot of people confuse supporting and accepting."

Still, Franklin says ... "Michael respected us.  He didn't make us feel uncomfortable in the locker room."

"He can be whoever he wants to be.  I'll be there for him no matter what."

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Why is this a story?

252 days ago

Timmy Boy    

TMZ, and?? Nothing wrong or hateful about his coment. Besides most people feel the same way.

252 days ago


Commend this man for being both respectful and honest.

252 days ago

Madelaine J    

I actually don't understand the comment. What is to support? All this man and anyone else in this situation needs is for people to just chill and realise he isn't a demon or evil being tht is going to attack them. It's so weird to me tht straight me automatically feel like a gay man will want them! Lol. It makes me laugh.

252 days ago


Tmz and their gay agenda lol

252 days ago


So he accepts him and will be there for him no matter what... but doesn't support him? That doesn't make a lot of sense. I think what he's saying is, "I still reserve the right to hate gays. Just not the ones I actually know and like".

252 days ago


I hope the Rams get him.

252 days ago


It's not right but I understand. That's all he's saying and I agree

252 days ago


His favorite show is Duck Dynasty for sure.

252 days ago


He saying he accepts him but does not support homosexuality. Obviously he thinks the same sex engaging in sexual activity isnt right. Doesnt mean you cant get along with someone.

252 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I feel for the men and woman who will come out in the future and there teammates. Its a thin line between supporting someones person and also not agreeing with it. How will this work? I have NO ANSWERS, unfortunately, Im not that smart,hhahaha! None of us are for that matter that smart to know how this will work. I just hope that gay men and woman will understand people like James Franklin's views, he will support the person in the workplace and as far as people deserving to not be discriminated against but, he doesnt and many wont agree with the sexual desires gay men and woman have. Is that wrong? Is it ok to support a man like they have Michael Sam but, not agree with his sexual desires. This situation is sticky and hard to deal with on both sides. Acceptance is one thing but, can it work without understanding? Im clueless. Is this a great step in the right direction for our fellow humans and a step with them having rights? Fairness is what Im for, thats mainly the stance i have taken. For me, its not about me agreeing with someone who likes the same sex sexually, nor is it about agreeing with those who like the opposite sex as I do! Its about being treated correctly and not being mistreated because someone likes the same sex. Agree or disagree we should ALL AGREE we should not harm or deny anyone the freedoms we want. If religious, only the GOD you serve has the answers and if NON religious only the universe knows the answers, how we got here, why we are here, if being gay is wrong or right, if religious or not aside, being treated fairly is what I hope this leads to. Truth is, if a man or woman doesnt reveal there sexual desires, players in sports could be playing with gay men and woman all the time. Would it matter? I have no answers!!! LGNM

252 days ago


He accepts him as a person but doesn't accept homosexuality what's hard to understand? Its say he doesn't drink or curse so maybe his views come from his religion so you gays going to call him a close minded bigot and deny him the right to believe in what he wants to believe in? Furthermore why are you gays so desperate to force a bunch of people who don't like you to accept you its like deep down inside you don't agree with your lifestyle so you need everyone to validate it so you can feel better about being gay if they don't like you say "**** them" and move on with your life stop b I t c h I n g

252 days ago


Being gay isn't normal and that's a fact just like being autistic isn't normal yet we recognize one as being abnormal and try to find a cure for it or better treatments and shove the other in everyone's face and try to pass it off as normal why?

252 days ago


Just don't drop d soap

252 days ago


What will happen if he develops feelings for another player in the locker room, then what? It could happen! Nobody can't warranty that it wouldnt

252 days ago
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