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Sam Rubin

Attacks TMZ Over Sam Jackson Story

... TMZ Hits Back!!!

2/10/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sam Rubin is not having a good day ... and it just got worse.

Hours after the KTLA reporter got his ass REAMED by Samuel L. Jackson for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview, he tried to take TMZ to task for the way we covered the story.

Problems is, TMZ doesn't like being taken to task ... especially when we're right.

That's when Evan stepped in and engaged Rubin in an enlightening civil discussion about their respectful disagreements ... just kidding ... THEY WENT OFF ON EACH OTHER!!!!!

It was all out war on "TMZ Live" .... ya gotta check out the clip!!!!!



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So that's Laurence Fishburne doing the new Capitol One ad, I get it now.

165 days ago


I watch KTLA 5 every morning and I believe that Sam was NOT referring to the Fishburn commercial but the American Movie trailer and Sam Jackson accused him of confusing him with Fishburn and that commercial, Anyway, Rubin did apologize a few times and does feel bad about the mix up. But Jackson kept on about it, unnecessarily. Jackson needs to contact Rubin and tell him he was ribbing him, its not anything too horrific to be so angry over. As for Evan , get some anger management bro! Yes he did say THOSE people have people, meaning 'actors', not black people. Stop trying ,to make this a racist issue.

165 days ago


Jackson and Rubin, they both have daughters in porn, right?

165 days ago


Sam acts like TMZ is a sub-division of Channel 5.

Like it's the boss calling.

Evan was right to correct Sam.

From now on Sam demurely reports to Evan.

165 days ago


As Sam said, "the blessing and burden of live TV". Well, it seems to me that for Sam it's more a burden, a blessing for him, if not a salvation, would probably be writing articles in a weekly magazin.

165 days ago

al baby    

Sam Ruben has and always shall be a buffon he started at KTLA and tried to ream Hal Fishman about something
and just about lost his job and got an ass woopin

165 days ago


I think Mr. Jackson is really into the race thing right not the way was saying we all look alike. I like his acting but damn did he really need to pull that card out of the deck.

165 days ago


Evan, TMZ is trash for mindless fools, and your obviously just one of harveys stooges.

165 days ago


Sam has always been a name throwing wannabe important Hollywood guy. He's nothing more than a love sick pup tagging along the heels of actors and the likes. Good to see his ass handed to him. What an idiot!

165 days ago


If I was a producer I woulda turned this into all-out war.

TMZ vs. Channel 5.

Harvey and Sam MF'ing one another.

Missed a big ratings opportunity behind this.

Sam shouldn't have apologized in the first place.

He didn't do anything wrong.

Had he got offended, ripped off his jacket, rolled up Sam's sleeves, etc.

Might have been a good one.

It's boring for Sam (or anyone) to have an actor come on and to plug a movie -

Channel 5's doing SLJ a favor in the first place.

So for SLJ to go on and on shows bad taste.

HOW DARE YOU plays about as well as DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM.

Next time take it fifteen steps further.

Which one was in PULP FICTION, by the way?

165 days ago


It's become obvious that Sam Rubin is a complete racist.

Thinks it's still about Amos n Andy.

... it is, but ...

Interesting to see Sam interview Buckwheat.

165 days ago


Its good that Sam stepped up. Not sure about his disdain for TMZ. i) You messed up and you owned it. At that point you should have just walked away Sam. 2) To lash out at TMZ and EVAN was distasteful and classless. TMZ is a breaking news organization. What you fail to realize is that you are a "Hollywood" reporter on KTLA. Lets compare followers on social media and see who wins. <3 Anna oh and PS. GO TEAM EVAN!!

165 days ago


Who cares??????????????????

165 days ago

Mike The Apeman    

I'm not a Sam Rubin fan at all....but this is stupid. Rubin asked about the "Super Bowl Commercial". Jackson was in the commercial for Capt. America: The Winter Soldier. Jackson asks "What commercial?" All Rubin had to do was say "The Captain America commercial". Instead, he floundered. If he was a professional (along with his producers in his ear), this wouldn't have happened. Don't make this about race...oh, wait - Jackson already did that!

165 days ago


Maybe Evan should realize people talk **** all the time in the comment section about how bad tmz reports these stories.

165 days ago
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