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Sam Rubin

Attacks TMZ Over Sam Jackson Story

... TMZ Hits Back!!!

2/10/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sam Rubin is not having a good day ... and it just got worse.

Hours after the KTLA reporter got his ass REAMED by Samuel L. Jackson for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview, he tried to take TMZ to task for the way we covered the story.

Problems is, TMZ doesn't like being taken to task ... especially when we're right.

That's when Evan stepped in and engaged Rubin in an enlightening civil discussion about their respectful disagreements ... just kidding ... THEY WENT OFF ON EACH OTHER!!!!!

It was all out war on "TMZ Live" .... ya gotta check out the clip!!!!!



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Sam has the biggest ego in Hollywood, and that is saying something. It is pathetic because he is just the entertainment reporter on the local CW station, but he thinks he is this big time Hollywood insider. He can't go a single newscast without trying to show off his connections. Tom Hanks always goes over the top acting like they are best friends every time he runs into Sam (awards shows, interviews, etc.) but it is obvious he is making fun of Sam to everyone but Sam who takes it seriously.

220 days ago


God I love TMZ & Evan!! :D

220 days ago


Evan is the man.....Sam Rubin has a history of messing up when reporting especially when he has fake stories about Howard Stern.

220 days ago


Samuel Jackson should catch him in the club and start throwin bottles

220 days ago


TMZ - the person writing the headlines for your stories is horrible. The headlines rarely match the video clips. When does Sam 'attack' TMZ in this video? It seems like Sam actually discusses the situation but I would hardly say he 'attacked' you guys. Come on Harvey - you guys are losing credibility with these far fetched headlines.

220 days ago


Samuel L. Jackson was totally serious. Just because he had a smile on his face, doesn't mean he wasn't really upset. He could have easily teased Sam Rubin (it's called "kidding on the square") and then let it go and continue with the interview, but he wouldn't let it go. Okay, Sam Rubin made a mistake. For whatever reason, must it be taken so damned seriously? Must the race card always rear its ugly head? I actually don't like Sam Rubin - never did, but I think Samuel L. Jackson overreacted.

220 days ago


Well Evan seemed mad but what Sam was saying is that after his segment with Samuel L Jackson, he went back on air to apologize for his mistake. TMZ did not include that in their original posting which is what Sam was pointing out.

220 days ago


Well actually TMZ you guy's should blame yourselves for his actions,You follow these stuck up famous ****s around,having them believe their **** don't stink,and then when you get em mad,they turn on you.Good job Tmz.

220 days ago


I think Samuel L Jackson should be honored to be compared to Laurence Fishburne as Laurence was awesome in Star Wars lol!

220 days ago


I watched it live i felt so bad for sam rubin it was a mistake but samuel was a jerk!!

220 days ago


Evan is an a-hole. I love TMZ but you guys CONSTANTLY make mistakes. The way Evan was acting holier than thou - absolutely disgusted me.
"Sam Rubin" made a mistake.. he was clearly embarrassed on-air and apologized REPEATEDLY.. The way Evan acted was unprofessional , arrogant and completely deranged...deranged because of the amount of mistakes you've guys make on a weekly basis..
Seriously, you guys should have cut Evan's mic when he wouldn't shut up.

220 days ago


The problem is - TMZ doesn't always fact check either.. They've made a lot of mistakes through the years.. Sometimes they've deleted entire "stories" because of misinformation.. That's the glory of having a website in print where you can just delete your mistake.. But when you're on video -- it is a much different ballgame.
Evan is a hypocritical, pompous jerk for the way he treated this man.. The man made a MISTAKE.. He apologized over and over.. He clearly looked embarrassed on air.. What more do you want from him? He's human..
And for TMZ of all people -- to try to call someone out for bad reporting? Well, it is laughable.. I love TMZ and have been reading this site since almost from their start.. however they have made tons of mistakes... and for Evan to act like that -- it is embarrassing and unprofessional.

220 days ago


Evan needs to be fired. This is how you treat guest on your show? Letting your employees talk ****? That guy needs an ass whooping.

220 days ago

Patricia Partida    

Evan, You're an idiot. First off, Sam wasn't upset or going off on you. you had such a jack ass tone and total lack of respect. the difference between you and Sam is that he was able to maintain his composure and level of professionalism. Unlike you who is just like these so called celebrities, he has paid his dues in the journalism world. You have just started your messily little career in the same manner as Lindsey and Justin have. Don't you worry, it will all be over before you know it and his will continue as it has for many, many years.

220 days ago


SAM Rubin is the biggest a hole to everyone he works with. He chews people up in his news room every day. He is not nice. So he got slapped back. How does it feel to be belittled Sam Rubin!!! Maybe he'll be nice now!

220 days ago
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