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Sam Rubin

Attacks TMZ Over Sam Jackson Story

... TMZ Hits Back!!!

2/10/2014 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Sam Rubin is not having a good day ... and it just got worse.

Hours after the KTLA reporter got his ass REAMED by Samuel L. Jackson for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne during a live interview, he tried to take TMZ to task for the way we covered the story.

Problems is, TMZ doesn't like being taken to task ... especially when we're right.

That's when Evan stepped in and engaged Rubin in an enlightening civil discussion about their respectful disagreements ... just kidding ... THEY WENT OFF ON EACH OTHER!!!!!

It was all out war on "TMZ Live" .... ya gotta check out the clip!!!!!



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Come On Harvey...You've Got To Admit That It Is Hilarious To See Sam Rubin Get His Panties In A Knot!! BTW I Know For A Fact That Sam Jackson Has A Great Sense Of Humor And Did A Great "Gotcha" On Rubin. Remember Folks...Jackson Is An Actor...And A Talented One At That!

256 days ago


Suprised that such a big deal was made of this. Rubin made a mistake, a slip of the tongue. Does it reflect some kind of racism on his part or suggest that, in his view, black folks all "look alike". Of course not. Can't Rubin simply have a "senior moment" like the rest of us? Must we tar and feather the man? Why are we always sitting around, like vultures, waiting for someone to do something that we can interpret as an "offence"?

256 days ago

A D8    

samnuel / rubin/evan - sam went at it pulp fiction style - rubin went at it gutsy with no fear and managed to stay conservative - evan went at it gangsta style - THANKS GUYS THIS WAS GREAT , i loved it - lol - wish it could continue but im sure the networks is gonna shut yall up - PEACE !

256 days ago


What people are omitting from Sam Rubin's stupid moment is that was laying in wait for Samuel Jackson.
He's a racist white baiter himself.
Look through his comments over the years. Samuel Jackson's got hate issues himself, so it opened the door to salt and then salt a wound

You go Samuel. I enjoyed the banter, then got disgusted at your "real" intended drill it down behavior.
Never would that have been accepted from "a white guy" to use your vernacular Samuel.

256 days ago


not only did Sam Rubin screw up with Samuel Jackson, he repeated his ignorance with Pharrell Williams by asking and trying on Pharrell's hat! You don't ask to try on someones hat OR their shoes!! Gross! Pharrell looked uncomfortable!

256 days ago

Jason Morris    

SLJ is another angry black man looking for any excuse to cry racism, when in fact, it is obvious he is the racist. He is just waiting for any perceived slight to stick it to the white man. i am completely sick of it. One would have thought Obama getting elected would have made things better, when in fact it has made things worse. I have noticed more black folks acting openly hostile towards me than ever and it can only be because of the color of my skin. I am sick of being looked at with eyes filled with hate, simply because I am white. If it happens in a situation where I am the customer, I have started to immediately bring it to the attention of management. Of course, you can't call it like it really is, but you can say you were treated rudely and with disrespect. Now I do it every time it happens. Sick to death of it and won't take it anymore.

256 days ago


Really!? Why is it the first card pulled was racism? I don't understand how a man that makes an honest mistake is being called racist! No that wasn't Mr. Jackson's exact words but might as well been. I mean "because I'm black we all look alike!? Is that what you think?" Come on!! That could have been a joking moment but we had to go and turn it in to a big ordeal. Omg he got you confused with someone else for a brief moment. Btw!! Mr.Jackson should have been flattered to have someone compare him to such a younger looking man. Take what you can get and quit trying to make something out of nothing. It was a honest mistake but now the poor white man is racist because he got you confused with someone else. Lol Sam Jackson needs to get over hisself. I'm from Atlanta and true Atlantans don't act that way!!!! Live,laugh,love :)

256 days ago


right on evan ! why are more american turning to tmz, comedy central and the internet ? ITs because of the corprate drek on "the news"

256 days ago

Rob Blacks Maid    

Sam Rubin is an ass. I like how he says "we do 4 hours a day" He's on for like 4 minutes every hour. In the 56 minutes has has before each segment you's think he would be able to prepare for it.

256 days ago

Evan you rocked! Sam is am you said if he asked the right questions people would watch him, and he should do research before an interview

256 days ago


Its "u mad, bro?" Not "why u mad, bro" get ur wangsta taunts right lol..

255 days ago

Ban the GOP    

The new bio picture for Sam Rubin, with his latest KKK getup is here:

Sam Rubin MUST be fired and exposed for the horrific excuse of a human being that he is!

253 days ago

Ban the GOP    

The new bio picture for Sam Rubin, with his latest KKK getup is here:

Sam Rubin MUST be fired and exposed for the horrific excuse of a human being that he is!

253 days ago
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