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Amanda Bynes

Judge Praises Mom for Job Well Done

2/11/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes has made progress by leaps and bounds, and today the judge in her conservatorship case credited her mother for the shocking progress.

TMZ broke the story ... Lynn Bynes became Amanda's conservator during her darkest hours -- after she started a fire in a neighbor's driveway and soaked her dog in gasoline.  TMZ first reported doctors later diagnosed her with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Today Lynn and Rick Bynes appeared in Oxnard court ... to sort out Lynn's duties as conservator. 

The judge made it short and sweet, saying, "Good job, Mrs. Bynes.  Well done."

Amanda is now living at her parent's home and is attending fashion design classes in the O.C.



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Good for her. She was so sick. I wonder if she'll be like Britney and will always need a conservator in order to keep her level. Whatever it takes. It seems like she isn't being used as a bank by her mother like Britney, so good job mama.

219 days ago


Justin's parents could learn from Amanda's mom.

219 days ago


What did they do? Lock Amanda in the basement?

219 days ago

seahawk fan    

Again its schizoaffective disorder not bipolar AND schizophrenia separate that is impossible to have and misleading

219 days ago


I have so much respect for this family.

219 days ago


Amazing! Can't wait to see greater things from you Amanda!

219 days ago

News Flash     

Good job Mom!

219 days ago


It's almost impossible to do such a public thing.


But the Bynes have.

Even with the Paps following the Bynes around the hood.

The Bynes are all graceful.

It's an important story -

A celeb who's done emotional illness the right way.

Amanda and Family will become spokes-people.

Leading others to the H20.

Dr. Bynes knows better than anyone.

That Denial in the way of an abcessed area/mouth.

Leads to toothless-ness.

Multiply that times a million.

When you're speaking about The Human Mind/Brain.

219 days ago


The issue in my own immediate/extended family?

Emotional issues which speak to the frontal brain questions.

Suggests a PHYSICAL problem with that particular area of the brain -

Which deals with reasoning, rationale, judgment.

For my life I haven't been able to get them to see this.

They think, oh, it's just doing dumb things.

Rooted in collective Denial.

Which has doomed and is dooming them.

The Bynes prove this doesn't HAVE to be the case.

We can get help.

We can learn compliancy - become compliant.

We can lead productive lives no-matter-what.

I was gifted with the ability to trust-the-professionals.

At an Ivy League grad school.

I thank God every day.

For them.

And for the fact I LISTENED to them and adherred.

My family wouldn't and won't.

So I had to walk away.

If you give them the information it's up to them.

In their court.

If they refuse to ACT on the information.

DENY or bash the information/professionals...

They're dangerous to us -

Must be eliminated from our lives.

So that they can't have access to us.

Cannot continue IMPACTING us -

If you choose dysfunction and alcohol/drugs -

You can't be around me.

I count, too.

I have a vote, too.

I'm just as important as you are.

219 days ago


Go girl!! Wish you the best Amanda!

219 days ago


We will know the Bynes made it when the story is lost from TMZ forever.

219 days ago


@ "Good for her. She was so sick. I wonder if she'll be like Britney and will always need a conservator in order to keep her level. Whatever it takes. It seems like she isn't being used as a bank by her mother like Britney, so good job mama."
55 minutes ago

This isn't all that helpful though the spirit of this is quite kind.

To say of another based on media reports:

"She was so sick."

Even professionals and medical experts don't use this terminology to describe a patients' condition.

It's kind of a social media comment that tends to places itself/ourself? ABOVE the celeb or person we're writing about.

It's kind of cave man jargon ...

By and from people who themselves need help.

But don't know it.

Touchy for me because people once spoke of me in the same way and manner.

"Effin' nuts, effin-crazy-person, effin-head-case/whack_)ob."

I was RAISED by very sick people.

Who CHOSE to remain untreated despite our history and all the evidence they were breaking children.

Thus IMPACTED by these two.

But not a muttering lunatic BECAUSE of it/them.

Amanda's case is different - involves possibly and arguably ...a physical impair related to an area of the brain.

Which plays havoc with us, emotionally.

In both cases we were maligned and misunderstood.

I've cleared up my end.

Now Amanda can and will.

Probably much better than I did.

219 days ago


Seems Amanda's story is the only positive one going on in Hollyweirde these days. Wishing her all the best. Hope she turns out to be the poster child for great comebacks.

219 days ago


Not so fast.....she hasn't been out of rehab all that long. No one knows how she will do once she is away from her parents and living alone. That will be the true test.

219 days ago

Not So Mad Hatter    

When Britney was crashing and burning, a conservatorship turned her life around. When Amanda was in trouble, her mother stepped in. Lindsay needs Brit's dad and Amanda's mom instead of the ones she was cursed with.

219 days ago
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