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Dwyane Wade Marriage

Gabby Demands Prenup

'I Gotta Protect My Stuff'

2/11/2014 7:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Gabrielle Union is lying through her big, beautiful teeth ... at least when it comes to her pre-nup -- because she says she's demanding one with Dwyane Wade ... and it makes NO sense.

Union went on "Arsenio Hall" last night and said she's demanding a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot "at my insistence."

She explained, "I gotta protect my stuff" ... adding, "When you have your own stuff you don't need to worry about anyone else's stuff."

Only problem is ... it's not HER stuff that needs protecting, since Dwyane has gotta be worth at least 10 TIMES what she's worth. In fact, he's currently toward the end of a 6-year, $107 million contract with the Miami Heat.

AND he's expected to sign ANOTHER HUGE CONTRACT sometime in the next year ... some say it could be worth as much as $100 mil.

Let's do some simple math. Even if she's worth $20 mil ... he could be somewhere in the $200 MILLION range.

So, if they continue that financial pattern and he makes 10-times what she makes ... she's saying she would rather walk away with a tenth of what she COULD get.

It doesn't make her an anti-gold-digger ... it makes her stupid.

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boo boo    

Just because a guy has more $ than you doesn't mean he won't go after your stuff when you breakup. She's smart to do this...considering the hurricane that became of his last marriage and recent cheating scandal. I would recommend NOT marrying Dude at all, but sometimes us bitches be crazy in love.

254 days ago


That was proven when "She said yes" after he went out an got a baby on her. On a break my a**!!!

254 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

I see a lot of people hating on her why? People are saying she goes from one athlete to another even though she's been dating D. Wade since 06? And he got caught cheating on her so how is she jumping from one to another? Explain this to me cause I see idiots are just typing BS without looking anything up and she probably wants a prenup because D.Wade baby mothers are going to make him go poor so if when they do get married and don't last her stuffs protected she's smart and it also shows she doesn't need to rely on him to buy her stuff

254 days ago


There can be more to a prenup than just splitting the money. I'd be willing to bet there's a few cheating clauses in there too, given his colorful history with the ladies. She's dumb for marrying him but this shows she is still realistic enough to know what kind of man he is and what kind of divorce they could have. I'm sure watching him and his ex showed her a LOT.

254 days ago

Leighton Explains It All    

I'm shocked TMZ just correctly performed basic elementary math. Be honest, you guys brought in an outsider for that.

254 days ago


if she signs a prenup, she's considered stupid because he obviously makes more than her. if she doesn't sign a prenup, she's considered a gold-digger. Either way, people always have some sht to say. SMFH.

254 days ago


Its obviously a ploy to make it seem like she wants the prenup when in all honesty he probably told her there will def be a prenup and she doesnt want to seem embarassed that shes sticking with that cheating bum and he still wants a prenup.

254 days ago


Haha! What a joke!

254 days ago


Bottom line, Ms. Union is looking out for her cause would you want any of your hard earned money going do your fiance's kid from another woman that he cheated on you with?! He got the $ to pay child support payments by himself so let him deal with that. I swear, cheating on your significant other LITERALLY needs to be in NBA players contracts, it would make life easier in a lot of ways...

254 days ago


Wow, how exactly does a woman win with marrying an athlete in the eyes of TMZ. Evidently they are either gold diggers when there is no prenup, but dumb when they propose one. A prenup here makes perfect sense because both parties have large amounts of assets, and if their marriage does fall apart, it makes a split that much easier. (I am hoping they go the distance though)

254 days ago


Wow, how exactly does a woman win with marrying an athlete in the eyes of TMZ. Evidently they are either gold diggers when there is no prenup, but dumb when they propose one.

254 days ago

Truth is    

This certified turd is going thru with the marriage?!? Desperate and pathetic

253 days ago


She's saying that to save face. She wants a clause that she gets half if he cheats. So it's a win/win.

253 days ago


he will never marry her. Shes his friend... hommie/ escort, he'll settle with a woman closer to his own age.

231 days ago
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