Justin Bieber Egging Conviction Could Make Him Persona Non Grata in U.S.

2/11/2014 12:50 AM PST

Justin Bieber
could be ORDERED TO LEAVE THE U.S. if he's charged and convicted of vandalism in the egging case ... TMZ has learned.

Bieber -- a Canadian citizen -- is allowed to live in the U.S. because he has what's called an O-1 Work Permit ... which Immigration issues for foreigners with "extraordinary abilities."  Lots of athletes and entertainers get O-1 status.

But here's the thing.  Under the Immigration laws, if someone is convicted of a crime of "moral turpitude" -- Immigration can deem that person "inadmissible" for work status in the U.S.

Now get this ... "moral turpitude" includes crimes involving "malicious destruction of property."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. wants the D.A. to file FELONY vandalism charges because they say he caused $20K in damages.  And, the Sheriff's Dept. thinks Bieber was malicious, especially because in the middle of the attack he yelled​, "f*** you.  I got another one for you actually."

Even if the D.A. decides to file misdemeanor vandalism charges, that could doom Bieber when he reapplies for his 0-1 Permit 2 years from now.  If it's moral turpitude, it doesn't matter if it's a misdemeanor or a felony.