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Justin Bieber

Egging Conviction Could Make Him

Persona Non Grata in U.S.

2/11/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
could be ORDERED TO LEAVE THE U.S. if he's charged and convicted of vandalism in the egging case ... TMZ has learned.

Bieber -- a Canadian citizen -- is allowed to live in the U.S. because he has what's called an O-1 Work Permit ... which Immigration issues for foreigners with "extraordinary abilities."  Lots of athletes and entertainers get O-1 status.

But here's the thing.  Under the Immigration laws, if someone is convicted of a crime of "moral turpitude" -- Immigration can deem that person "inadmissible" for work status in the U.S.

Now get this ... "moral turpitude" includes crimes involving "malicious destruction of property."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. wants the D.A. to file FELONY vandalism charges because they say he caused $20K in damages.  And, the Sheriff's Dept. thinks Bieber was malicious, especially because in the middle of the attack he yelled​, "f*** you.  I got another one for you actually."

Even if the D.A. decides to file misdemeanor vandalism charges, that could doom Bieber when he reapplies for his 0-1 Permit 2 years from now.  If it's moral turpitude, it doesn't matter if it's a misdemeanor or a felony.



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Im sorry but egging houses is nothing new. I guess just if you egg a rich home. I remember egging and tp houses every Oct 30 Police never investigated any of those houses.

252 days ago


This BS should have never went to cops or the courts. Toilet paper and egging houses would go on every Oct 30. I guess it is a big deal because it was in a rich neighborhood. Please!

252 days ago


Oh no... that's a lot of damage. Great news -_-

252 days ago


Yeah, throw Bieber out of the country for tossing eggs at a house, that will show him - next time he should do something less serious, like start a war under false pretenses, then he'd suffer no consequences in this country.

252 days ago


Society made Justin who he is today confused and hurt. The non stop ridiculing got to him, and the ones who did can't own up to it and blame it on innocent others how sad. School shootings, suicides they both happen for a reason. Don't expect people who are bullied non stop to just sit back and take it everyone has their breaking point. The people who signed the petition to deport Justin please do the world a favor and don't reproduce. You could have easily signed or started a petition to get him into rehab so he could actually get help.

252 days ago

Yu Lee    

Before eggs even dried Justin should have PEE on it to wash it off !!! LOL

252 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ just don't get it --- The property has not been damaged, it's just being a get coated, no different to the icing on a cake

252 days ago

Yu Lee    

Okay let's all give in to the Almighty TMZ !!! So finally you get Justin reported !!! So who will you write about tomorrow, who will be your next victim ???

252 days ago


Oh the belieber colt is still in damage control insulting anyone who says a thing about teir fallen 'idol'. Ya just gotta feel sorry for those who are desperate to hold on till the end when their beloved Bieber will one day either spend a long time behind bars or deported permenantly.

252 days ago


Can you guys stop reporting on him please. I don't want this to happen

250 days ago


“And people wonder why Justin is the way he is now smh. All I see on here are comments insulting him. He has been taking the hate since the beginning in 2009. Justin's a human with feelings and words are POWERFUL have y'all learned nothing from the countless suicides and school shootings that happen daily? Justin's never done anything to harm you haters so there for u have no legit reason to despise him. Get over your disturbing obsession with wanting him to be gay and a woman seriously maybe seek help. It's not cute or cool to ridicule an innocent person. Society killed the teenager explains why Justin is who he is now. Haters are just as obsessed with him as the people who worship him like Jesus. Justin's never going to fade because everyone talks him about constantly. To lose respect for Justin is acceptable but there's absolutely no reason to treat him like ****, but they say Envy's a bitch so.”

248 days ago


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241 days ago



216 days ago
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