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Shia LaBeouf Art Show

He'd Been Crying 'Like His Cat Just Died'

2/11/2014 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf put on the weirdest art show in L.A. today by silently confronting fans one by one, offering them a variety of odd objects -- like whiskey and a ukelele -- all while looking like he'd been crying for days.

We have no explanation for why Shia set this up, but the show was titled "#IAMSORRY" ... and we sent one of our camera guys inside for a first person account:

"I walk into the gallery. A lady is standing behind a table with an assortment of different items apparently related to his life: whip [from "Indiana Jones"], a Transformer [from "Transformers"], Jack Daniels [he likes to drink?], bouquet of daisies, cologne, pink ukulele, etc. I pick the bottle of Jack and the lady escorts me to the next room separated by a curtain."

"Shia is sitting down, paper bag on his head, hands firmly planted on the table. I introduce myself, offer him tacos. No response. I tell him I find the bag to be distracting and if he'd be willing to take it off. He obliges."

"His eyes are red and puffy as if his cat just died."

"I tell him this all seems incredibly self-serving. No response. I ask him to share a swig of whiskey with me. No response. I ask him if any slimy characters have put their lips on the bottle -- he breaks into a wide smile. Then immediately his face returns to its regular stoic self."

"I tell him I think he's a good actor who's wildly misunderstood. I ask him if I can take a picture. No response. I say I'm a nice guy, please don't punch me in the face. I take a picture. He doesn't move. I thank him for his time and extend my hand -- he shakes it. I leave." 

That's it. Perfect follow-up to his "seagulls" press conference

We'll be having nightmares for weeks.


No Avatar


This just seems like a whacked-out ripped-off version of Marina Abramovic's work. (think 1974's Rhythm 0)

197 days ago


Sounds like he's the warm up act for the old Charlie Sheen tour....

197 days ago


There's something seriously wrong with this dude. His attempts at trying to be provocative, just come off as forced. . . and whacked. Like him.

197 days ago


Either he is officially losing it or he's pulling a Joaquin Phoenix on all of us. How long do you think it will take him to realize that you don't have to act like an a-hole to get attention? Then again we are talking about a guy who claims he banged Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 2 while she was with her now husband Brian Austin Green. Cut the scrap Shia if you want to keep the few fans you have left...

197 days ago


He is at the right age for psychosis to start. It usually happens from 17-26 years old with other types starting around 30. He probably has Bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. Either way, he needs help before he commits suicide.

197 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

My theory is... he's under the influence of alien astronauts.

197 days ago


He went on Kelky & Michael and said he had a big dick. Maybe he meant he is a big dick?

197 days ago


Eh. Sounds like he's just bored.

197 days ago


I wonder about this guy. I can't tell if he is doing this on purpose or if he really is a nutball. What is going on in Hollywood these days?!? I mean, is it just me, or do ALL the actors and actresses in the news lately seem to be whacked out of their skulls?!? Sorry Shia, Brittney did it first! Lol

197 days ago


What Shia has on display here is the whip from Indiana Jones, Maximus Prime Transformers figure, Jack Daniels His fav, a novel by Daniel Clowes about a kid who's best friend gets him to smoke and it gives him special powers and the pliers?

197 days ago


you broke him....

197 days ago


If I was at that art show I would have said to this shia cretin "Do you have a sleeping bag?" and when he answered "No". I would have said "Yes you do, let me wake it up for you." and then give him a swift kick right in the nutz.

Thank you and good night.

197 days ago


Weird and obnoxious guy!!

197 days ago


I have a feeling he his going to be on channel 7 news this weekend... Scary 😁

197 days ago

Just Steve    

If he had a bigger table he could have laid in it himself. Now that would have been crazy.

197 days ago
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