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Flo Rida

Loses Alarming Court Case

2/12/2014 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Flo Rida
has reasons to be insecure -- he just lost a big lawsuit to a security company that claimed it got stiffed after it set up an elaborate security system in his Miami mansion.

Flo hired ADT to protect him from evildoers ... the system was tricked out with 27 cameras at a cost of $58,000.

Flo paid a little more than $19K as a deposit and then flaked out on the rest, claiming he never authorized the work.

A Florida court begged to differ, and just entered a judgment of $31,258.


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Seems to have a pattern of being a deadbeat.

252 days ago


Geo Rgia

252 days ago


Deadbeat "rappa" trash.

252 days ago

Mr. Pukey    

Yet he would go to a strip club with his homies and drop more than that in a night and brag about it. How about paying your bills first? Ahhh love the responsible rappers.

252 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

TYpical. With all the money he's made he probably doesn't have TE cash to pay for it. These rappers are so sadly ignorant. They have a chance to set themselves up for life an they blow it. It's their upbringing. Twy have no real world skills. They just know how to rhyme while they play records by other bands.

252 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

That's a huge chunk of change. I have an ADT system in my home and even at it's most tricked out 10x I can't imagine why it is that expensive. For that matter, he could have gotten a simpler system and hired someone to hook up a camera system that you can get from big box stores for under 1K. Oh well Mr Flo, you signed on the line now pay up.

252 days ago


TMZ can't do maths.

252 days ago


$58,000 worth of cameras. $19,000 up front. Ordered to pay $31,000. So basically he still got $8k worth of free stuff? Hmmmm. Good math.

252 days ago


Liar. You don't pay 1 dime on work you do not authorize. I hope he also has to pay the company's legal fees. WTH wants to look at his azz that much anyway.

252 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Seems like he qualifies as an "evildoer".

252 days ago


How do you not a authorize work in your own home?

252 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

There is something so offensive about rich people who try to stiff those who provide them with services. I hope the judge also makes him pay ADT's legal fees. Cheap jerk. It will serve him right if he forgets to turn on the system and somebody ransacks the place.

252 days ago


I love it when these WORTHLESS DEADBEAT ******S get busted.

252 days ago


hmmm.... I see a pattern with the black people and or thugs not paying bills. including their tax bills and/or bankrupt! oh and not being able to pay child support to their 6 different baby mama's with no regard to their children! i.e. deadbeats. JMO because they're too busy trying to act like they're badass ballers is the club making it rain or buying flashy gold and cars they can't afford. Pay your bills and the tax man before you play!!!

252 days ago


It seems like people who provide services have the toughest time getting the rich people to pay them what they are owed. Such a sense of entitlement. You have a job, you get paid.... Why shouldn't everyone else get paid.

252 days ago
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