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Bruce Jenner's Family

Bruce Suffers from

Michael Jackson Syndrome

2/12/2014 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210-bruce-jenner-splashBruce Jenner is NOT changing his identity ... he's just going through a mid-life crisis and is addicted to plastic surgery -- this according to sources close to the Kardashian family and Jenner sons.

Family sources say the klan does not buy what increasingly looks like gender reassignment.  They say Bruce is changing his look because of his "Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery."  

They say he is struggling to re-gain his youth.  They point to the fact that he's moved to Malibu, grown his hair long and had a ponytail for a long time, drives a Harley, and has changed his nose and neck.

We're told the family has actually counseled him against all the surgery, saying he was a good looking man to begin with, but he wouldn't listen.

They also echo the story TMZ posted Tuesday -- that Bruce is "super manly,"  the family saying, "He loves sports, helicopters and cars."

It's interesting ... because we also know that when Bruce golfs at the Sherwood Country Club he constantly talks about the '76 Olympics where he won gold.  It's also when he was young and great looking, which kind of supports the family's position.



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You are 60+ Bruce. Get over it. You are entering old age. Math doesn't lie nor is any plastic surgery going to bring you back to your 30's or 40's. You are now entering Madam Tussauds wax museum.

256 days ago

mj fan forever    

This stupid people has NO title to compare him or any of them to Michael Jackson with wich none of them has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON!!! Exploiting Michael Jackson's name to make headlines, nothing new. If this inutil family wasn't so incredibly stupid and attention whore would know that Michael Jackson had NO addiction, included for surgery as the CORONER CONFIRMED AND STATED, but NO surprise this stupid inultil attention whore family is only able to read the tabloids trash and regurgitate the same lies!!!!

256 days ago

ima toole    

First TMZ reports for weeks that Bruce is becoming a woman. Now it reports that he is just having a midlife-crisis and is simply addicted to plastic surgery. You guys suck at journalism. I hope Bruce sues TMZ.

256 days ago

Not So Mad Hatter    

HE'S addicted to plastic surgery?!?! This coming from a family made up of more plastic than Tupperware?

256 days ago


I don't get it, he was good looking before he started all this foolery. : (

256 days ago

Kev the Realist    

More Stupidity from the KRAPTRASHIANS. Just look at the pictures and you can see how effeminate has has become, so this like everything out of their mouths is just CRAP. Give hom a few more months and he will be stealing their clothes, shoes and purses.... When you have to constantly profess how manyly someone is, that is proof positive that they are anything but as they are just trying to convince themselves. Just another dumb ass move by the KRAPTRASHIANS. Bruce you wanna be a man stand up and call out your family for being the disgusting talentless media whores that they are and have them all get real jobs ... Not on their backs....

256 days ago


A 60+ year old is not going through a mid life crisis.

256 days ago


Of course he is suffering from some king of crisis! F*&%en media talks all kinds of trash about his looks, they make fun of the poor guy. The public also adds to it. Its wrong! I've read **** people write about this poor man and makes me wonder what kind of animal raised these type of people.
Its all around wrong! And people need to start having alot more compassion for others! Afterall we all share this world together!

256 days ago


And so it's almost like a broken record. this time it's BRUCE with "addiction". Last go around Lam-Lam was the alcoholic Bruce has an "addiction".
Come on TMZ, the K-trash has played every hand possible to stay relevant and people just don't buy anymore

256 days ago

A J Mclamb    

"You've got to get yourself together, You've got stuck in a moment and you can't get out"

Well, welcome to the age of Plastic Surgery. Once, only a luxury for the super rich. Now your everyday soccer mom can quickly go it for an afternoon tummy tuck and be out just in time for Tommys little league practice.

256 days ago


All the Kardashians look like Michael Jackson, why just pic on Bruce. Khloe is blacker and blacker as years go by, she is a spitting image of her father, OJ.

256 days ago


Just throwing this out - not analyzing/diagnosing:

Break-downs (my own) are about stress that's too-initially-great or long-term stress that lasts, goes on too long...

The person doesn't know - in any of my three or four break-downs I was not aware I'd broken down.

In one I came back to grad school as a completely-different person than the year before.

When friends said to me, dude, um...

It didn't register - friends even told me they'd become AFRAID of me and it didn't register.

We lose insight - insight's the working word - only the experts know how to get/give it back to us.

Mine returned over time during my last break-down, which was six, seven years back.

My insight - the insight that I'd broken down.

At that point I could track or back-track my behavior and say, wow, Oh My God - I'd snapped.

It's scary.

More scary for those around the person -

Because they're usually the-most-confused.

Professionals need to be bought in no matter what.

I could not have returned to the planet w/o a professional and in each break-down.

Family has broken-down, never regained insight, only got progressively worse -

There was nothing I could do for them.

It was and is the most helpless feeling in the world.

Because we KNOW the other person isn't AWARE.

So we feel bad - we run/rush in to protect - we guard them - we keep aggressors away when/if possible.

It's horrible for anyone and everyone going through it.

Last thing we want is for someone who's broken-down to be taunted, ridiculed behind it.

So Beware Of Violence, Malibu Paps - because the Jenner's are at a snapping and breaking point.

They will come after you if you continue.

This can get ugly if you don't back the F off.

256 days ago


it's funny how it's a never "blood" Kardashian that has the problem - the pattern is it's those who come into the klan that are (or have) the problem.

256 days ago


And Kim doesn't look like a plastic real housewives clone?

256 days ago


From remarkably handsome to horribly disfigured and age has nothing to do with it.

256 days ago
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