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Bruce Jenner's Family

Bruce Suffers from

Michael Jackson Syndrome

2/12/2014 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0210-bruce-jenner-splashBruce Jenner is NOT changing his identity ... he's just going through a mid-life crisis and is addicted to plastic surgery -- this according to sources close to the Kardashian family and Jenner sons.

Family sources say the klan does not buy what increasingly looks like gender reassignment.  They say Bruce is changing his look because of his "Michael Jackson-like obsession with plastic surgery."  

They say he is struggling to re-gain his youth.  They point to the fact that he's moved to Malibu, grown his hair long and had a ponytail for a long time, drives a Harley, and has changed his nose and neck.

We're told the family has actually counseled him against all the surgery, saying he was a good looking man to begin with, but he wouldn't listen.

They also echo the story TMZ posted Tuesday -- that Bruce is "super manly,"  the family saying, "He loves sports, helicopters and cars."

It's interesting ... because we also know that when Bruce golfs at the Sherwood Country Club he constantly talks about the '76 Olympics where he won gold.  It's also when he was young and great looking, which kind of supports the family's position.



No Avatar


From remarkably handsome to horribly disfigured and age has nothing to do with it.

198 days ago

Eye roll     

Thank goodness- phew- I can sleep tonight... TMZ what excellent investigative reporting!!! I love your last sentence!

198 days ago


When will these Hollywood types learn to leave the plastic surgery alone and grow old gracefully? I know it has it's place, such as a broken nose or something along those lines, but to regain youth??? Not gonna happen!! They wind up looking ten times worse than before all the plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are making serious money off of making people look like clowns.

198 days ago


Cant b a stud forever. .. age will catch up to u sooner or later. . Thats life...plastic surgery just gonna make u look like plastic,

198 days ago


Only in Hollywood would the definition of 'super manly' be "He loves sports, helicopters and cars." people are as shallow as a tire rut.

198 days ago


He was such a handsome man, he would have aged so beautifully like James Brolin. Its a real shame. I'm not sure why Bruce got that first nose job and facelift. In 1980 he was natural and drop dead gorgeous and in 1984/85 he looked facially disfigured. If I recall correctly Kris encouraged him to get that first face lift and nose job and it seems he's been trying to live with and change the result of that bitched surgery for 30 years. I really like him. I wish he'd stop with the surgery tho.

198 days ago


Why would a middle age man have his adam's apple shaved if not to resemble another gender?? Along with his longer hair, plucked eyebrows, and MJ dainty bobbed nose... yeah, he-man.

198 days ago

Just Steve    

I say let him do what he wants with his money even if its making himself look like Tina turner. I got ur back Bruce, if you don't remove that too..

198 days ago


He WAS good looking. Of course the surgeons wouldn't reject working on him because of the money.

198 days ago


He was a babe back in the day! Darn plastic surgery

198 days ago


I hate to tell you, Bruce, but mid-life crises are supposed to be around your forties, not your mid-sixties. Here's hoping you come to your senses before you do something really terrible to your face. Rich, famous, accomplished...doesn't seem to bestow immunity about a fear of aging.

198 days ago


Bruce is sixty-four. If this is a MID life crisis then he's gonna look crazy scary when he's 128.

198 days ago


He suffers from greedy plastic surgeons that operate anything they can get under their knifes. the man needs therapy, not surgery.

198 days ago


Stupid man. He could've remained a real good looking man but all the surgeries have made him look like an ugly woman. Silly Kardashians, I don't buy their support of natural beauty.

198 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

He's a freak show, just like the rest of his extended brood.

Please stop covering all of them.

Or are they paying you enough to make it so worthwhile you can't?

I'd wager less than 3% or your readership gives a rat's patoot about these useless idiots.

198 days ago
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