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Lindsay Lohan

On the Edge of Incredible

She Crushes Stevie Nicks Live [VIDEO]

2/12/2014 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the first glimmer of pre-meltdown Lindsay Lohan we've seen in a long time -- she took the stage last night at some financier's NYC birthday to perform a classic Stevie Nicks song ... and she hit it out of the park.

Lindsay was at the Four Seasons -- where NY Republican Party Finance Committee chairman Matthew Mellon was celebrating his 50th birthday -- and she sang Stevie's "Edge of Seventeen" for the crowd.

Lindsay's had a love affair with "Edge of Seventeen" for years -- she's performed it live before and even featured a cover of the song on her 2005 album "A Little More Personal" ... a year after starring in "Mean Girls."

Lindsay previously expressed interest in playing Stevie Nicks in a biopic about the Fleetwood Mac singer -- but Stevie refused to grant permission as long as Lindsay had substance abuse problems.

But now that you've seen the video ... and it appears Lindsay is cleaning herself up ... we gotta ask ...


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Man,I am going to run out and buy her album after hearing her cough hack and choke while croaking the wrongwords . Autotune couldn't save her.

219 days ago


Lohan must have got enough money to sell a couple of stories cause she had one on DM yesterday about "Loving her Room" ...note the word ROOM not apartment but room and photos of the room which was suppose to be her bedroom...What's interesting to me is the room is layed out very much in the same layout of most every small hotel or motel room in the world....the windows three on each wall with the usual ledge that runs in front of them that holds the heating and air units if you lift the cover....covered in Cheap flowery print curtains and bedding make up of real shabby looking bedding not the Shabby Chic but plain Goodwill shabby and DM making it like is was haute chic or something....No headboard you can see and just did not in any way look like a bedroom in that apartment in SOHO she is suppose to be leaving in....
and now this one.....Lohan Inc is desperately trying to sell Lindsay and new a improved .....and coming across as plain desperate......

219 days ago


come on Mikey...there is no OSCAR/GRAMMY in the future. No amount of PR from you will convince the public of it.
She was not even singing alone in this video.

219 days ago


This is the crap the #littlewhores and NicHOLE wanted so badly this year, music from this slag.

219 days ago

Mc Loven     

I think she sounded good , and if she's clean and sober why does it matter what she's doing or what song she's singing .. People make such a big a deal out of NOTHING!!!!

219 days ago


What night is she playing at coachilla?will it be acoustic?

219 days ago



219 days ago


In what universe was that even close to the original version, as far as if she can sing it legally, that's up to whomever owns the rights to the song, personally kudos to Stevie for not selling out just to make a buck, and choose to make a statement.

219 days ago

Jack Guthrie    

I wish her the best! Hopefully she'll turn it around. She seems to be trying harder than ever before. We all have issues of se kind , so I'm not gonna judge.

219 days ago


Dina,your taxes are due,you have court early march and your kids arnt pulling your weight.oprah moneys gone,al turki is gone and lielo doesn't make enough at hotel bar mens room sorting lines off customers dcks to pay your needs.drink a few boxes of wine to forget

219 days ago


Who wrote this piece for TMZ? Is Fat Mike still there? I have not watched in ages. Did Harvey Levin read this yet? Really she hit it out of the park? And I won't vote b/c I don't want any TMZ STD's on my computer but I have to assume it's 100 percent NO. This is a desperate retread effort for her to pull this Stevie Nicks crap. Lindsay has a movie anyway that she's producing, right? She crashed Sundance and got out of dodge after a cracktail or 20 about three weeks ago.

219 days ago


I am so happy Lindsay is done with coke and finally working on herself again. I so want her to make a comeback but I don't think she should do A Stevie biopic. I can't imagine her based on looks and voice as Stevie. A least in Liz & Dick she looked the part. So I would so no. Make your comeback with another movie. Not this one. Sorry.

219 days ago


My ears . . .

219 days ago


Wait.. Stevie was a coke addicted when she was as old as Lindsay.. And she was addicted to something else too.
So it doesn't seen really fair to only hate Lindsay when Stevie was a coke head as well and looked her now, how amazing she is. Lindsay is only 27 she can still turn her life around. Stevie did.

219 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    

Katie Holmes' knee vagina looks way better than this haggard whore, and sounds better too, and is way more refined, better groomed, more professional, and has waaaaaaaay more integrity.

219 days ago
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