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NFL Star Raheem Brock

Players Won't Shower

If a Gay Guy's In Locker Room

2/12/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021114_raheem_brock_launchThe battle lines in the NFL gay rights struggle will be drawn in the showers ... according to one former NFL star.

Super Bowl champion Raheem Brock -- who spent 10 years in the league -- tells TMZ Sports ... there will be a massive coverup when openly gay players like Michael Sam enter the locker room.

Brock says, "Guys won't go in the shower if they know a guy's gay in there. They gonna feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't [go in the shower]."

He continues, "I mean I would stay at my locker and chill until he's done getting out of the shower."

Brock says his feelings mirror those of a number of active NFL players -- regardless of whether it's politically correct.

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No Avatar


Amen to that....who wants to shower with a homo?

231 days ago


If women are able to restrain themselves from ripping their clothes off and 'hopping on' every time you enter a room, why in the world do you think it would be different with a guy? Do you really think you are that damned irresistible? Hint: No one is.

231 days ago


Lol. What a little wuss. Silly homophobe.

230 days ago


**** being politically correct. Although I think its a good thought on Raheem Brock's part, its still wrong. The sport should be taken professionally, on and off the field, in the locker room, or in the shower.

230 days ago


He "tried" to be cordial. The reporter baited him on. I do not agree with what he said, but still. I get their would be uncomfortable moments but if you are an NFL player, you should be a man. There is no he would be inappropriate i any setting. If you believe that showering in front of a gay man is too much than you have a lot to learn. He is a football player first before anything.

230 days ago


Gays are the same as child molesters it's a mental illness you can't help being gay just like pice of **** molesters can't help going after kids it's a illness and I don't get why we make excuses for it it's a joke

230 days ago


The thing is , and I draw this from personal experience, the whole "shower" situation is not arousing or sexy at all to a gay person. It actually can be quite uncomfortable and not because you get horny or something but because you feel that everybody there is judging you. After a while you learn not to care and it's okay, but I think that this player is giving himself too much importance when he says that he wouldn't go in the shower just because there is a gay dude there. Hell, the gay dude would probably be 300% more uncomfortable than him.

230 days ago


NFL players shower in the same room all of the time, and most likely have showered with a (closeted) gay man already in their carrers. Michael Sam just happens to be an openly gay player. I think it's pure ignorance to not shower with him...he's at his place of work, I don't think he'll be looking for action in the shower.

230 days ago


This guy is right....why are we suppose to celebrate having a guy guy in the NFL? If that's the case why don't we let the players shower with the cheerleaders? What's wrong with that?

230 days ago


So gay people are mad about what he said because they want to force him to shower with gay men? How GAY!

230 days ago

Jesse Callender    

But I bet they wouldn't be able to get in the showers fast enough if there was a pretty lady in there showering!! What hypocrites, if someone does treat him that way!! There have been gay men in the NFL locker rooms since the beginning of the sport. Their teammates just didn't get the blessing of getting to really know them, because players knew it could end their career, so they stayed in the closet. Surely, we've come further along than that in society!! If he can play ball, and stays out of jail, that's all that should matter!! How many players have been arrested for rape, domestic abuse, etc. and they're celebrated if they can play ball, no matter what crappy human beings they might be. And this is coming from a straight little cowboy in Arkansas, not a gay man.! This is just my opinion, so no need for nasty responses.

230 days ago


This ignorant fool. He has already showered with a gay NFL player. Anyone who has spent 10 years in the NFL has showered with a gay player.

230 days ago

patrick davis    

What's wrong dude? Afraid they're gonna see your little pee pee?

230 days ago

Reynauld smith    

The same thing was said when Black athletes first came into professional sports. Don't forget, professional sports is not a bastion of intellectualism. This too shall pass. Remember... women cannot be cops, firemen or stock car drivers ; Blacks cannot be quarterbacks or linebackers; Jews cannot play baseball; girls cannot play sports with boys; gays boys cannot be Eagle Scouts; there will never be a Black President. Whether you like it, hate it or want to fight against it...it is here to stay and there is nothing that can be done. The real fear for some of these athletes is that gay guys may be better football payers than many of the straight guys. Wow, wouldn't that be something.

230 days ago


He is just speaking the truth!! Thats all!

229 days ago
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