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Soulja Boy

Glorifying Sizzurp

... Bieber Variety!

2/12/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy
's stupidity knows no bounds -- the rapper recently posted photos online prominently featuring high-end sizzurp ... just days after his gun arrest, and judging by his choice of codeine cough medicine, Justin Bieber would be proud.

TMZ broke the story ... Soulja got busted a couple weeks ago for having a loaded gun in his car.

You'd think that would scare him straight -- but last week, Soulja Instagrammed photos of himself sitting beside a GIANT bottle of Actavis brand cough syrup ... the same high end brand Bieber chugs.

Also notice ... the bottle of Sprite, a very common sizzurp mixer. And the double Icee cups.


As we reported, a large bottle of Actavis runs about $800 on the street -- sans prescription.

Soulja and sizzurp have a history of boneheaded moves -- last year he posted Actavis photos just days after Lil Wayne nearly died from an OD.


No Avatar


Attention whore. The cough syrup and sprite happen to be in the photo? Go away... One hit wonder

252 days ago


Why be so dumb? Don't have enough legal problems?

252 days ago


it seems to me TMZ advertises Actavis

252 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

The world would be a better place if those idiots OD on that stuff. Let 'em be.

252 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Just another dumb as dirt, ugly ass, tatted up rapper.

252 days ago

Steven Peacock    

These jackasses are hell bent on destroying themselves.. One way or another.. So when they fu*k up and break the laws, they should be treated like any criminal and not get special treatments, just because they have money.. Send their ass to jail, let them see what its really like to wanna be bad, and have them deal with consequences of their wanna be criminal actions.. They're better off In jail where they could get the help they need.

252 days ago


His face is aging from this crap. Alcohol is an affect on kidneys and this just throws them out the window. He's going to look like a black version of Smegol from lord of the rings

252 days ago


If only he was got bankrupt and only earned minimum wage. Oh wait there's cheap street drugs. Disgusting arrogant ignorant behavior. Shame it's the same time as black history month...

252 days ago


what is the story with the foam cups? can't they just drink it from a glass or if they don't have any glasses some mug they got from pizza hut?

252 days ago


you can be as stupid as it get's, but no matter what, someone will buy your rap songs.

252 days ago


Actavis just quit making the product, looks like they'll have to find another brand

252 days ago

The world is disgusting    

Maybe the DRs. who give this out should have their medical license taken away.

252 days ago

Nobody Special    

What a Cheap High.

This is the Kind of High you will find in a Mental Hospital. I'm serious. They are creative there and have limited access to Drugs, so they use Caffeine, Sugar, Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar but my favorite to watch was Tea Bag Fishing.

They do drink the cough syrup in a Mental Hospital.

They do Eat Coffee Grounds to get high and when they eat the grounds you can see the sweat pour out their face after 2-3 minutes.
Many puke, but the hard-core guys can hang.
I watched a guy swallow an entire Maxwell-house Jar of Instant coffee, then swallow a quart of cold water, jump-up and down 20 times, then watch the beads of sweat pour right out of his face, just like rain-drops.

They do eat Tea Bags, Caffeinated for sure.
Paper and all, including the string and staples. They call it "Fishing", one 'Mental' friend holds the Tea Bag by the string and lets the user swallow it, then once it's passed the esophagus, the Fisherman pulls the string hard and Jerks the Tea Bag back up through his esophagus. They Keep Score, Best out of 9 swallowed bags (9-Ball) they call it.

The Hard Core Guys will Tie a longer 24" thread and let the bag enter the stomach before they try to Fish it Out. They call this Deep Sea Fishing. Some Guys do 'Double-Bags". The thick nylon thread will not break and the weak spot is the staple. Some guys tap the staple with a butter knife butt to make it hold better. If you puke and spit bags out your mouth, they count them and subtract from your score.

They don't call it Sizzurp in the Mental Hospitals, they call it "IHOP" for International House of Pancakes". Because they mix as many bottles of cough syrup together and add maple syrup from the kitchen if they can get some.

If the Beaver goes to a Sissy jail he may learn some of these Low Budget Getting High Games.

252 days ago


Soulja Boy -- Glorifying Sizzurp After Gun Arrest ... The Bieber Variety!..................I HEAR THEY ARE LOVERS

252 days ago


the good thing about sizzurp, is that it is going to put an early death on a lot of selfish people.

252 days ago
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