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Pisses on Philip Seymour Hoffman

He Stole My Cover!!

2/13/2014 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Drake just spit on Philip Seymour Hoffman's grave ... throwing a bitch fit over losing the Rolling Stone cover to the dead actor.

Drake's hissy sesh started with a complaint about being misquoted in the latest issue regarding Kanye West's album -- but then he quickly lashes out at the mag for making a switch.

Drizzy tweeted ... "They also took my cover from me last minute and ran the issue."

Minutes later, Drake went back to Twitter and said, "RIP to Philip Seymour Hoffman. All respect due. But the press is evil."

It's a half-hearted apology, at best. So, we gotta ask ... 


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The world is disgusting    

Pride cometh before the fall. D0uche.

219 days ago


This damn druggie gets a cover, I would be made too...fuk you TMZ I guess you stupid just love drug overdosing fat fuks who throw their life away and didn't do sh!t

219 days ago


Of course I'm not as completely retarded like half the people on here.. but isn't it kind of a smack in the face to hoffman and community, to title this article like that? It seems more shi**y than what drake did. He's bummed he didn't get on rolling stones.. I don't like drake, but for real?.. its like tmz has a bunch of juniors in high school writing articles.

219 days ago


Tacky and classless, but I'd be upset, too. I doubt I'd tweet about it, though, since it just makes you look like a heartless a$$hole. PSH was a good actor who killed himself with his own selfishness and stupidity. What a waste .

219 days ago

Tony H.    

Whaaaaaaat an a-hole. I started to pick him over Kanye especially after Drake's pretty-good SNL hosting but this was something I'd expect from Kanye. Classless, infantile whining. Somebody get him a new diaper.

219 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Well, first off, you are not in charge of who this mag puts on their font cover, dude. Second, a guy died, show some respect for the dead..please! I do have to hand it to ya though, you haven't tried to make a racial issue out of it, like didn't get the front cover because you are back. If you feel misquoted, ask for a retraction, dude, but don't look for other issues, when there isn't such one to start with.

219 days ago


OK, this clown is going to talk smack about the 'apology' that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gave to Kendrick Lamar regarding their grammy wins and his losses(if you don't know, Macklemore apologized via instagram for reasons known to them) and Drake criticized that and now, this little S.O.B. is going to bitch and complain because he didn't get his cover shot on Rolling Stone this week due to the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman died and they gave the cover to him posthumously which is a pretty standard thing that a magazine will do when someone dies unexpectedly. I can honestly say that I can't even name a SINGLE Drake song(and I know that I will hear about that in the ensuing responses but GOD DAMMIT! **** YOU Drake, screw your stupid vanity and get over it. Is the cover of that magazine THAT important? I'm sure that you've made the cover of countless other magazines and if you're as good of an artist as you seem to think you are, I'm sure that you'll make the cover of the magazine when you release your next CD. Just be glad that the magazine wrote a feature article about which is something that millions of other artists would KILL to have the opportunity to do. Shut your pie hole and DEAL WITH the way, your lame ass attempt to cover your ass via twitter was complete BS...I truly want to say R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman...

219 days ago



219 days ago


Hey Drake just kill yourself and I'm sure you'll make the next cover!

219 days ago


WOW, incredible that even people with zero talent think they are important. The narcissistic selfish personalities of these people is out of control. So sick of it. Get some talent, being marketed is not talent people.

219 days ago


Not a huge fan of Drake and his music, but you can't blame him for getting pissed off. Rolling Stone is geared towards the music industry.. The cover was supposed to go to him and instead they put a deceased actor with an out-of-control drug problem. While I understand entirely that addiction is a disease, I simply have no remorse for someone who throws their entire life down the drain and leaves an exceptional career and family behind when you have the means to seek the best help available. Fail, Rolling Stone.

219 days ago

Colonel Nudge    

next he'll be screaming that it was because he's not white enough....

219 days ago


Hey Drake, don't you have a Vagina to wreck ?

219 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Why is Drake getting a Rolling Stone cover? He sucks, his music is terrible and so is his monotone rapping. He didn't deserve the cover in the first place and now he just sounds like a whiny little b*tch.

219 days ago


Stay classy Drake

219 days ago
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