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Kardashian Family

The Rich Get Richer

ANOTHER $40 Million+ Deal In Their Laps

2/13/2014 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

E! is quoting Bruce as saying the story that he's leaving the show is fabricated.  We can tell you ... Bruce WILL NOT be part of the show after this season ... period.

The Kardashian family gravy train is moving full steam ahead -- with no sign of stopping -- TMZ has learned, Kim and co. will sign on for yet ANOTHER multi-season deal with E! worth more than what they're making on the current one ... and they'll do it without Bruce Jenner.

TMZ broke the story ... "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was renewed for an additional 3 seasons back in 2012 for more than $40 million -- what was then the richest reality TV deal ever.

But now the Kardashians have outdone themselves -- sources connected to production tell us, the new deal will be worth more than the last.

"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is currently shooting Season 10 and the new deal will take the show into Season 11 and beyond. As one production source put it, "It is a HUGE show."

As for Bruce Jenner, he won't be coming along for the ride -- as we reported, Bruce has decided to call it quits after Season 10 to spend more time doing the other things he loves.  Production sources acknowledge Bruce was "fatigued" and hated the criticism that went along with the show.

He'll be missed -- but sources tell us, producers aren't concerned about his departure ... he was not a major character.

Our sources will not say if the deal has been signed or if it's still being negotiated ... but it's definitely far enough along that everyone knows the show will be back.



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HOW??!! This whore gained fame by making a porno. She's a porno slut. Are there THAT many stupid people out there that watch this crap? WOW!!!

252 days ago

Jacqueline Delvillar Clark    

Who is watching this trash ?????

252 days ago


this is wrong they are coming to the end of there contract they did not resign this si not correct the shows rating are down alot and they will probably be done by the end of theis year this statement is not true they did not just sign

252 days ago


Unreal....Wakeup America!! The Rich are whats wrong with this country!!!!! How can you idolize these people? Or any other at that?? They make their money because of us the people! Then they look down on you as if your nothing or a lower human being... They dont want you to be able to eat in the same space as them!!! They spend the money on stupid garbage like clothes makeup shoes the list goes on forever!!!! But then they walk past homeless and sick like they're filth.... wtf? Have any of these people done to give back ??? Fake people dont deserve the money we give them! You would think these Hollywood people would try harder to figure a way to solve $$$ issues in america... but No they all fall into the game of stuck up n stingy!!!! While average americans are suffering day in & day out...then they act like we the people are dangerous n gross!!!! Wake up america take your money & power back!!! Turn off your Tv's

252 days ago


I can't believe people are dumb enough to watch that garbage.

252 days ago


I will never watch this trash show. What a waste of money. Where's the petition?

252 days ago


a whole page on this family and no mention of Sid Caesar's passing you have slipped as a place for entertainment info stop taking payments for stories and actually do your job and earn your keep

252 days ago


Everybody is complaining how much they hate the Kardashians, but yet continue to watch their show. We can ask make them disappear if we IGNORE them! Stop watching their shows, stop buying their brands, stop following them on social media, like I'M doing. It amazes me that people even watch their garbage show! They just need to go away for good!!

252 days ago


Oh bull****. If the source won't tell TMZ whether the deal has been signed or still being negotiated, there's no deal. The whole story is classic Kris spin to try to force the network into a high-paying deal.

252 days ago


So, their ratings have been going down, yet they're getting more money??!!! WHHHYYYYY???? I thought they might finally be off the air, but I guess we can't get that lucky! I honestly think the Kardashians wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they weren't getting filmed 24/7 - their lives would stop having meaning! Look at Kim - the chic can't even get engaged without it being filmed - promising to make a commitment to someone for the rest of your lives is not special enough to her unless the world can see it - so sad....

252 days ago

She's baaaack    

WTF is wrong with people, and who the hell is it that keeps funding this family of hairy whores?

252 days ago


Kim is a whore.

252 days ago


Its like a soap opera. I will watch it if I'm bored maybe two or three times a year at the most.. I don't know why this show is so popular? Like AI said its a new age soap. If B

252 days ago


Well, I guess tmz will be around for another few years. Harvey will have to give raises to everybody now.

252 days ago

Stephen rodenkirch    

First, I love kuwtk. I'm sad Bruce is leaving. But if he's happy then we should be too. Khole seems like she's doing her best to stay positive. But I'm gonna be watching her the most this season. Kendall and Kylie are really making a name for themselves and I feel like they might have their own show soon.. Take my word. It'll happen. After kim had north I feel like she's not the main attention anymore which is different but very good cause it'll let us see more of how everyone else is doing while kims doing her thing. And can I just say. Rob? What happened to him?! He's looking good. Looking very sexy. Very healthy and happy (at least from what I can tell in the picture). Looks like he's really been trying to get back in shape. And it's def working. I'll be keeping my eye on him to see his progress. And for The Lord and kourtney I feel like their trying to look for that spark again. And slowly it'll get there. Scott's made some drastic changes and kourtneys really trying to understand his side more then she has before which is good. She still has her suspicions and I don't blame her. But over all they seem like there going to work things out and possibly tie the knot either this year or next year ? (Would anyone watch if it aired on tv? I know I would ). They all seem happy again for the most part. Khole is still dealing with Lamar but I feel like she knows what's best and what she has to do to make herself happy.. And for Bruce I hope he find what he's looking for in Malibu. Overall I'm excited to watch everything unfold and see what happens.

252 days ago
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